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Snaith Primary School

Years 5 & 6

Take a look at the fantastic things we are doing in Upper Key Stage 2. 

Autumn Term Topic - Scandinavian Scoundrels

Scandinavian Scoundrels provides the opportunity for children to learn in depth about Vikings. Specifically lessons will centre around where they came from, why they came and how they got here.

A fantastic trip to York for a Jorvik and DIG workshop will help children understand the Vikings impressive travel methods, their unique homes and settlements and battle techniques.

Spring Term Topic - Mother Earth

This topic will give children the chance to learn all about our planet and how to be more eco-friendly. We will focus on different sources of energy and have a debate about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Pollution and plastic waste will be researched and children will think about how to reduce this.

There are plenty of writing opportunities for children including descriptions of how landscapes have changed over time, case studies on the range of natural disasters that have happened in the world and a guide on how to survive using Bear Grylls as an example.

Summer Term Topic - Abomination

This topic is very science orientated and will focus specifically on forces and materials using the atomic bomb as a stimulus. Children will have the opportunity to conduct a range of experiments learning about fair testing and writing up reports in a scientific format.

Professor Brainstorm will be visiting school to showcase some exciting experiments and deepen the children’s understanding of these scientific topics.