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Snaith Primary School

Years 3 & 4

Take a look at what we are learning about in Years 3 and 4 this year:

Autumn Term - Curiouser and Curiouser

During the Autumn term we will be focusing on 'Alice and Wonderland.' This will provide lots of writing opportunities to explore the story through a range of genres and to focus on how to develop both character and setting descriptions.

Spring Term - Victorians

This topic centres around all things Victorian, learning about the life style, big events and famous stories. We will collect a wealth of factual information about Victorian children and schools and will try to compare this to modern day life,focusing on  putting  ourselves in the shoes of the people living in this time.

Summer Term - Flying without wings

Focusing on the story of James and the Giant Peach, our Summer term topic has a geography focused theme where we will plot the journey that James would take and will learn about all the different countries that he would visit. We will learn about their customs, traditions and their similarities and differences to our own country and local area. This will also include a range of map work and discussion of both the human and physical features of the areas.