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Snaith Primary School

Wk Com 14/12/20

Hello boys and girls! We cannot belive we are in the last week of term, which only means one thing...its nearly CHRISTMAS!!!! We hope you are as excited as we are! We hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. This weeks activities are full of Christmas fun! We hope you enjoy! 

Christmas Fun

Can you make a Christmas card for a family member or a friend? You may want to paint a picture, create a collage or even use your handprint to create a range of characters. Think about what special message you can write inside.  Use your phonics and 'Fred Fingers' to help you. 


Can you create a Christmas party hat? You may want to make a crown, a reindeer, you might want to wrap tinsel around it. We'd love to see some pictures of your creations so please share them with us on evidence me. 


What an exciting activity this one is! Can you write a very special letter to Father Christmas telling him what you would like for Christmas? You may want to draw pictures and label them, you may want to just write a list. Please find a template attached below.


We'd love for you continue developing your fine motor skills so the next activity is attached below. Can you colour and decorate the christmas tree with the baubles? You need to carefully use scissors to cut around each.  


We have four new sounds for you to learn this week.  The guidance below is from the Read Write Inc website which helps to teach the children how to correctly pronounce speed sounds and how to write them.

In phonics we will review the speed sounds and red words we already know. These are: m, a, s, d, t, I, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, r, j, v, y, w, z and x

Red words: I, my, to, the, go

Our new sounds this week are ch, qu, ng and nk.

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/Nis1f1xj/IJMCbYLL     ch

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/ChKlqzEg/CKV1lDLy     qu 

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/09denMjr/x3MN2axL     ng 

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/PVGVZuHn/5YePIoAo     nk 


 Please complete one sound a day and revisit sounds all four sounds on Friday. You could play different phonics games such as finding objects around your home that begin with that sound. You could put all of the sounds onto post it notes and ask your child to retrieve the sound you shout out. Finally you could help your child write the sound in different ways, that could be in the air, using their finger, with water on the ground, using chalks or on a piece of paper.