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Snaith Primary School

Week commencing 29th June

Hello Boys and Girls

 We hope you are all ok and enjoying the lessons that we have been setting you. This week is week 2 of our seaside theme. Remember to do any of your activities in your green exercise book and don’t forget to send in any pictures of your fantastic work to school. This week we are looking at the seaside. We have included a below links to some lovely stories about the seaside that you might want to watch.

Wooly and Tig – Beach Holiday

Billy’s Bucket -

Kipper the dog – The seaside

Topsy and Tim – The holiday

Paddington’s Adventures at the seaside -

Here are the activities for the week



This week I want you to try and do something helpful for someone every day in your house. This could be setting the table, tidying your room, pulling out the weeds in the garden.

Make yourself a little helpful chart that you can cross of everyday. At the end of the week count how many helpful things you have done.

Whilst you are doing that. Think about all the people in your family and think about the helpful things they do for you.

Think about the helpful people in your school what do they help you with?

Think about the helpful people in your town where you live. How are they helpful?

Think about the helpful people in our country at this time that are being helpful to all of us.

Physical Development

Pack a picnic for your seaside trip. Can you neatly cut out the items to place in your picnic basket. You will find the worksheet attached below.

We have attached some seaside colouring pages if you would like to have a go at practise your colouring skills, selecting the correct colours and trying to stay within the lines.


Writing: Paint a picture of the seaside with all the things that you like to do there. When it is dry tell your adult what you have painted. You can have a go at labelling your picture by writing some of the sounds in the words or copying over/under your adults writing.


You can log onto the oxford owl for your free interactive books tht you can share with your family. There are lots of different levels and some activities to go with each books

Splat the sound: Get an adult to write some sounds on a piece of paper for you. They say a sound and you have to jump onto the sound. You might even want to use something that you can splat the sound with. See if you can get quicker.


Have a go at practising writing your numbers. Watch the programme below as you do it. You can go as high as you like.

Practise your counting again by choosing one of the games from the link below.


Last week you changed your favourite drink into an ice lolly by putting it into the freezer. I wonder if you could change your solid ice lolly back into your favourite drink.

What would you have to do?

Did it taste the same as your lolly?


Activity 1:Can you design your own sandcastle? 

If you have sand at home can you make your sandcastle and take a picture of it.

Activity 2: Can you make your own seaside picture using a range of craft resources.