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Snaith Primary School

Week commencing 22nd June

Hello Boys and Girls

We are beginning a brand new week of the Summer term. We hope you are all ok and enjoying the lessons that we have been setting you. Remember to do any of your activities in your green exercise book and don’t forget to send in any pictures of your fantastic work to school. This week we are looking at the seaside. We have included a below links to some lovely stories about the seaside that you might want to watch.

Wooly and Tig – Beach Holiday

Billy’s Bucket -

Kipper the dog – The seaside

Topsy and Tim – The holiday

Paddington’s Adventures at the seaside -

Here are the activities for the week



Can you design your own board game that you can play with your family.

Make sure it has a seaside theme and you might want to include all of your favourite things you do at the seaside (having an ice cream, splashing in the sea) and your not so favourite things such as a seagull stealing your fish and chips or your ice cream getting sand on it.

Have fun designing and playing your game. We have include a template below but you can design your game any way you would like.

Remember when you are playing a game with your family to take turns.

Listening and Attention

Listen to the sound of the seaside can you identify the sounds. You will find the link below.

Physical Development

Practise your cutting skills by cutting out the seaside picture to create your perfect day at the seaside.

Have a go at the yoga lesson below.


Writing: You are going to go to the beach. Can you write a list of all the things that you will take with you.

Activity 2: Can you make the signs for your ice cream shop. Don’t forget to make signs for the flavoured ice creams you have and label your equipment such as the scoop, till, cone etc.

Reading: Can you fill in the missing sounds to complete the seaside words. The practise reading the words. You may want to then write a sentence that uses the seaside word. You will find the worksheet underneath.

Don’t forget to keep practising the sounds and words you have learnt so far.


Don’t forget to carry on with your doodle maths everyday and complete any extras you may have been assigned.

Ice cream money: Can you make money signs for your ice cream shop. Don’t forget to include the pence sign after your price.

On the worksheet below work out how much the ice creams will cost. With your family you may want to open up your own ice cream shop, think about how much things will cost and have a go at buying and selling the ice creams. You may want to think about if you need to give anybody any change.


What is your favourite drink?

Can you use the computer with your family to find the answer to these questions:

What is a solid?

What is a liquid?

Can you change a liquid into a solid?

How can you do this?

Can you make your favourite drink into an ice pop?

Talk to your family about what you had to do?

Can you change you ice pop back into a liquid?


Can  you make your own ice cream role play area in your garden, house or bedroom. Using a range of resources you will need to make:

Ice cream

Ice cream tube


Ice cream signs