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Snaith Primary School

Week commencing 1st June

Hello Boys and Girls

We are beginning a brand new week of the Summer term. We hope you are all ok and enjoying the lessons that we have been setting you. Remember to do any of your activities in your green exercise book and don’t forget to send in any pictures of your fantastic work to school. Hope you have fun!

Our Topic this week is Pirates. We would like you start the topic by watching the video on the story PIRATES LOVE UNDERPANTS.

Here are the activities for this week. We have split them into different areas of learning. However, remember that they can be done in any order that you like.


Ask your child what they think treasure is. Explain that it is something that is valued or important to somebody. Explain that different people value different things. Maybe show them a range of things that are important to you and explain why. With your child talk to them about the things that are most precious/treasured to them. 

In your exercise books draw and label the things that are most precious to you. You could choose one item and write a sentence about why this item is precious to you.

Listening and Attention

On a tray put some treasure (household items such as spoon, coin, necklace) Have a look at the treasure. Now cover it over with a cloth. Get a family member to remove one item of treasure while you are not looking. Can you guess what treasure has been taken away. Now swap over and see if they can guess what treasure has been taken away.

This is good for developing your memory skills

Physical Development

Can you dance and sing along to the song. Maybe you could put your own actions to the song.

Listen the pirate song can you move along to the song putting your own actions to the song

Draw what you think a pirate would look like in your green exercise book.

Can you describe your pirate and write about him. Telling us his name, how old he is, where he lives and what he likes to do. Remember to write in full sentences and to remember full stops and capital letters.

Reading: Play buried treasure. Select the phase that is suitable for your child.

Phase 2 cvc words

Phase 3 CCVC words

Can you read the sounds/words on the pirate ship

Have your mum/dad write some of your key words from your reading record onto some cut out coin shapes. Hide the coins around the house/garden. You have to find the coins. If you read the word correctly you can keep the coin. See how many coins you collect. Try and beat your score everyday.

Don’t forget to carry on with your doodle maths everyday and complete any extras you may have been assigned.

Use a teddy if you have a parrot that is fantastic. Get your family to give you instructions as to where to put your teddy ie behind the sofa. Can you follow the instructions carefully. Now swap over and you give your family instructions on where to place certain objects. Remember to give clear instructions with clear positional words such as under, next to, behind etc


Can you learn these pirate songs.

Can you design some silly underpants for your pirate to wear? Try and make a repeated pattern on your underpants or a symmetrical pair of underpants.

Can you make a treasure chest for some of your precious items to go into.

Please find additional resources below