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Snaith Primary School

Week commencing 15th June

Hello Boys and Girls

Hope you are all safe and well. We are starting our new topic this week. Because, the weather is starting to warm up we thought we would look at the season summer time. Start the week by looking at the power point all about summer time. You will find the link to the powerpoint at the bottom of this page.

Here are the activities for this week. We have split them into different areas of learning. However, remember that they can be done in any order that you like.



With someone in your family play the game ‘What can you see’. The first person to guess correctly is the winner. (You will find the link to the powerpoint at the bottom of the page)

Maybe do your own version of the game. Act out something that you might do in the summer time ie eating an ice cream, playing in a paddling pool. See if your family can guess what it is you are acting out. A member of your family might want to act something out for you to guess.

Physical Development

Choose a summer colouring sheet you might want to do (You will find some at the bottom of this page) Have a go at colouring in the picture selecting the correct colours and trying to stay neatly in the line.

Practise your cutting skills by cutting out the items that you would take with you on holiday in the summer. (You will find the template below) You might want to draw your own items to go into the suitcase as well


Activity 1: Go outside and have a look to see if you can see any signs of summer. Draw the signs of summer that you can see. Maybe your adult could write what you have drawn and you could copy over or underneath. If you can have a go at some of the sounds yourself that is fab.

Go outside with a paintbrush and water and practise writing your name in the summer sun. Can you also have a go at practising some of your letters that you might know how to write.


Practise counting to 10/20 with these songs below. Move in time to the music counting as you go along

Have a go at counting objects accurately. Maybe you can write some of your numbers. Here are some games for you to choose from throughout the week to practise your counting skills.


If you have space go out and make your own little garden where you can plant your own bulbs, summer flowers etc and watch them come to life during the summer time. If you have not got space for this maybe use a plant pot to create your own summer garden that you can look after.

Remember your garden will need to have some sun/shade and be watered regularly.

Here are some examples of summer gardens you could create.  


Can you make your own sun catcher using a range of resources that you have at home that you can hang up so that it always reminds you of summer time.

Here are some examples: