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Snaith Primary School

Week beginning 20th April 2020

Hiya guys,

I hope you’re all ok and have enjoyed the Easter break… I've eaten so much chocolate. I bet you're not surprised at all! I can’t believe it has been four weeks since we were last at school. How quick has that gone?


We are now going to base each week on a theme. And on Sunday each week, I will post the 5 tasks for the week ahead.


Our first theme is based around the film ‘Dumbo’.

If you haven’t seen the film, don’t worry, all you need to do is watch the trailer to be able to complete the tasks. Here is the link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McsWXoXg6Xk


Monday – Reading Response

Task 1 – RIC starter

Click on the attachment below titled ‘Dumbo DVD cover’ to view the image.

Here are your three questions:

R – Name the 4 actors starring in the film.

I – How do you think the lady in red is feeling as Dumbo soars through the air? Back your point up with evidence.

C – If you were in the photo, what would your spectating pose be? Say why!


Task 2 - Main questions

Read the film review that has been attached below. Then answer the six questions.

  1. What simile does the writer use in paragraph one?
  2. The writer says, ‘The circus train chugs across country under candyfloss clouds…’ What does the word ‘chugs’ suggest?
  3. What does the writer say is the main weakness of the film?
  4. Which other film did the writer say shared the same weakness?
  5. The writer has watched both the original Dumbo film and the recent Dumbo 2019 film. How did he react differently?
  6. One of the characters – a ringmaster – played by Danny Devito is described as delicious and unscrupulous. Look up the meaning of these 2 words. Use synonyms to now describe his character.

We will post the answers to all the questions on Friday!


Tuesday – Writing a film review  (FILM NIGHT!)

So guys, have you ever seen a film review on telly?

We’d like you to be a film critic as if you are on telly and write a script for a review either about Dumbo, or your very favourite film (I would pick Toy Story 4 since I literally watch it every day at the moment). Keep it chatty and informal, and in the second person (you are talking to an audience). You can be judgemental, your comments don’t all have to be positive – it’s up to you – it’s your opinion.

You will need to write 2 paragraphs:

1) The first will be a resume - a brief retell of the story of the film itself. (Try not to give it all away – keep the ending or surprise a secret)

2) The second will be your personal recommendation – how good is the film?

OR HOW ABOUT THIS CHALLENGE? (Only if you’re confident!)  

Combine the 2 – a resume with your opinion woven within it. This is hard! Use the ideas below as a check list, you could write it as a script for the telly.

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Resume (brief retell of the story – like a blurb on the back of a book – don’t give the ending away!)



At the end of this paragraph you could try to use a cliff hanger or rhetorical question.

Eg: So, when Harry and the Prisoner finally meet, there is a shocking revelation: a turbulent twist to the story that will knock your socks off!


Your opinion of the film

Be critical – positive as well as negative should you wish.


Talk about:

  • the characters
  • the plot (story line)
  • scenery/colour for atmosphere
  • how well it’s filmed/animated
  • appeal to what audience? Probably children! How old?



Eg: So let’s settle down now and enjoy the film. Will you agree with my critique – or not?

**How many different punctuation marks can you include?**


Now you’ve finished your review, how about becoming a film critique and reading it out to your family, then actually watching the film together, with some yummy snacks?

Will your family agree with your review?


Wednesday - Art Task

For art, we are challenging you to sketch an elephant. I have found a video on YouTube (see the link below) that will guide you through the steps. Have a watch and have a go! If you wish, when you have finished, take a photo of your artwork and email it into school – I can’t wait to see them!



Thursday - Design Technology

The big tent where circuses are performed is called a Big Top and one of its functions is to provide shelter and be waterproof for the show. I challenge you to create a waterproof shelter for a teddy of yours. You can make it out of any materials you can find and any design that you think will work. When you've finished, put it to the test and see if your teddy stays dry! Once again, if you wish, take some pictures and send them in.


Friday - PE

Home-school Olympics (AKA Classroom Olympics)


Pick several games from the list below to create your own home-school Olympics (feel free to modify them or use your own). Compete against your family members. Record your results in a table (I’ve attached one if you wish to print it). The winner of each event gets 3 points, second place gets 2 points and third gets 1. Add up all your points at the end to see who is the home-school, Olympic champion of your house.



  1. Weightlifting Cup (How long can you hold a carton of milk up for? Make sure your arm is straight!)
  2. Jelly Bean Grab (How many jelly beans can you grab with one hand?)
  3. Marshmallow Catapult (How far can you flick a marshmallow?)
  4. Shooting Hoops (How long does it take you to get 3 balls in the hoop?)
  5. Keepie Uppies (How many toilet roll keepie uppies can you do?)
  6. Spin the coin (How long can you spin a coin for?)
  7. Malteser switch (In 30 seconds, how many maltesers can you transfer with a straw from cup to cup?)
  8. Balloon bash (How far can you bash a balloon with three continuous hits?)

Have fun!


Invent your own home-school Olympic game. If you wish, email me the instructions at snaith.primary2020@gmail.com so I can have a go! 



In addition to this, there are your daily tasks waiting to be completed on Doodle Maths and Doodle English.  Plus your daily extra task, which will be rotated between maths and English each day. Just log in and get busy... I will be rewarding prizes again in two weeks.



Also, if you wish, log in to ttrockstars and earn lots of coins... Keep sending me rockslams; it’s helping me get quicker! I can’t wait to play ‘beat me for a biscuit!’ once we’re back at school.


Have a fab week everyone. Any problems, ask an adult to email snaith.primary2020@gmail.com and I will get back to you.


Mr C :-)