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Snaith Primary School

Week beginning 11th May

Hello Nursery!  I hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend with your family. 

We are starting this week off with a mini workout.  Move your body along to Andy's Wild Workout.    You could start your routine with one of these every day.  Here is the first one in the series:


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This week we are thinking about 'Growing'.  Listen and watch these 2 short videos as Mrs Schmidt reads a story all about growing beans and has a go at some planting.   


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We hope you find these activities helpful but please don’t put pressure on yourselves to complete all of them!  We have included a variety of different activities to hopefully complement all the wonderful things the children are already doing at home.  The most important thing is to have fun! 

This week's activities can be found below and also on a separate sheet at the bottom for easy printing.

Activity 1 – Growing

Watch the video of Mrs Schmidt planting some beans and have a go at planting your own beans/seeds.  Don’t forget to make a flag for the top!


Activity 2 - Story sequencing

Can you remember what happened in the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk?   If you have a printer, print off the sequencing pictures at the bottom of the page.  Use your scissors like we did last week and cut them out.  Place the pictures in the correct order to re-tell the story.  Glue them (in the right order) onto a sheet of paper and make them into a mini-book.  You could use this book to re-tell the story to your little brother/sister or to other members of your family at bedtime.

Another way of sequencing the story could be to make Story Stones.  Details are at the bottom of the page.  They require scissors, PVA glue and lots of stones but its great fun!

You could also draw or paint pictures of Jasper with his different tools and talk about your picture.


Activity 3 - Making a different sort of beanstalk. 

A Playdough Beanstalk

You could use the playdough recipe at the bottom of this page and create your own beanstalk – rolling, patting, shaping, cutting out, stretching the dough to make the tallest/longest beanstalk ever!  Can you make it as long as your table?

A Natural Art Beanstalk

How about gathering some things you find on your walk or in your garden along with empty cartons, boxes, pots etc from your recycling box.  Glue/stick them all together in a tall/long shape just like a beanstalk.  Is it as tall a you? You could even paint it green if you have some paint at home. 


Activity 4 – Ordering by size

Use the resources below to cut out the beanstalks.  Glue them onto the second sheet in size order.  If you don't have a printer, don't worry.  Instead you could draw your own beanstalks.  Cut them out and jumble them up.  Try to place them in order of size starting with the the smallest and glue them onto a separate sheet.


Activity 5 - Make a den/castle

Thinking about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, can you create your own castle/den using blankets/sheets and cushions?   Or make a castle using Lego or junk modelling.

You can find the story of Jack and the Beanstalk below.  Can you use a big voice just like the giant?


Extra activities - Things we like to practice regularly:

Pencil control – We practice this a lot at nursery and you will find some of these below.  I’m sure the children will remember their pincer grip and to draw over the dotted lines carefully and slowly. 

Counting – counting objects from around the house, e.g.socks which need sorting, spoons, cushions, the list is endless!  We always remember in nursery, to line up the objects ready to count them as this makes it much easier.

Reading – Sharing books is a favourite of most children in nursery.   Talking about the story, characters, setting, what might happen next etc are all part of our story sessions.