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Snaith Primary School

Week Commencing 20/4/2020

*Guided Reading Answers as promised!*


R –March 29th

I – Example answer…

I think the people on the movie poster are feeling excited and in awe of what they are seeing. They can’t believe their eyes. The expressions on their faces are shocked and confused but also wow. They would be feeling like this because they have never seen a flying elephant before.

C –  An answer that talks about the more important characters at the front who are bigger, especially Dumbo who is centre. The smaller characters are nearer the back and smaller in size. These don't have very big parts in the film. 


  1. The film fails to lift off. This tells us it didn’t do very well.
  2. The writing
  3. It helps me because I know how a firework shoots quickly into the air so I can see the camera doing this as part of the film. The camera must have shot up. 
  4. That the train was going slowly.
  5. When he watched the original he cried but the new version he didn’t.
  6. I think that the character has his nasty ways and he might not be very nice at certain points but he does a good job and there is something about him that people like, even if you don't want to. 


Hey everyone,

Hope you all had an ‘eggcellent Easter’ ! I am certainly missing you all very much, but cannot wait to see all of the wonderful work you have produced! Remember to send some ‘wow work’ to the school’s email: Snaith.primary2020@gmail.com so your photographs/ videos can be published online, for us all to see! We certainly love seeing them.

 This week the theme that your work is based around is the film ‘Dumbo’ (If you haven’t seen the film, don’t worry, all you need is to watch the trailer). I’d recommend all of you having a watch now to familiarise yourselves with it.


There are 5 tasks relating to this film: writing, guided reading, art, science and Design Technology.  Please find all the instructions and information below and if you are not sure about something don’t hesitate to email in and ask us on snaith.primary2020@gmail.com.

Guided Reading Task

The first part of this guided reading lesson is the RIC.

Please look at the picture below and then answer the RIC questions in your book.

R – What date does the film get released?

I – Use PEE to answer this question. Looking at the faces on the movie poster, how do you think they are generally feeling?

C – Explain why you think the author chose to put the characters in the positions that they are and the sizes that they are. Refer to at least 3 characters in the poster in your answer.


Look up the definition of all of these words on the internet. Choose 2 and write out the exact definition. Choose a different 2 and write them in a sentence.

  • Levitate
  • Soar
  • Reunite
  • Trapeze
  • Troupe
  • Pizzazz
  • Unscrupulous

Main questions

For the main guided reading questions please read the film review that has been uploaded below. Then answer these questions.

  1. In the 3rd paragraph the author links the film with something to do with rockets. What does he say and what does this tell us?
  2. What does the author say as the main weakness to the film?
  3. In the first paragraph, the author uses the simile ‘like a firework’ to talk about the camera work. How does this simile help you to picture and visualise what is happening?
  4. The 2nd paragraph talks about the train chugging along. What impression do you get from the word ‘chug’?
  5. The author has watched the original Dumbo film and he as watched this new recent Dumbo film. Did he react differently to these when watching them? Explain.
  6. One of the characters called Danny Devito is described as delicious and unscrupulous. Look up the meaning of these 2 words and think about why the author has used them to describe him. Explain what sort of character he is and why they were used.


Can you write a film review for a film of your choice? Talk about the storyline, the characters and if you liked it or not.

We will post answers to the guided reading questions on Friday.


Writing Task – Argument Text

To familiarise yourself with an argument text, first please read the example argument text that has been uploaded below. (It is about mobile phones).

The film Dumbo mainly revolves around an elephant who is part of a circus. People have different views on circuses:

  • Some think they are good because the animals are looked after (fed, shelter), they entertain people and people enjoy the show, they allow people to see different animals, it keeps the animals fit and agile, going to a circus to see these animals is cheaper than a safari abroad.


  • Some think they are bad because the animals are kept in small cages, they only get let out for a few hours a day, the animals don’t enjoy the tricks –they are forced to do them, the animals could be dangerous to the audience, the animals can become depressed because they are not in their natural habitats.


Your task is to write an argument text talking about the ‘fors’ and ‘againsts’ of circuses. Use the points mentioned above and expand, elaborate and explain them in detail. Keep the main part of the writing 3rd person using phrases like “It is thought”, “People believe”, “Some say”. You can put your own opinion on circuses in the last paragraph and say whether you agree with them or not.


On the other hand

Speech marks


Despite this


Exclamation mark

Embedded clause



In addition to this


Rhetorical question  (conclusion only)


Art Task

For art, we are challenging you to sketch an elephant. I have found a great video on youtube that will guide you through the steps. Have a watch and have a go. Remember to take a photo when you have finished and email it into school – I can’t wait to see it.



Science Task

Your science task is all about materials and why different materials are used for different purposes.

Have a look at this BBC bitesize website 


- watch the short video clip

- make notes on the different materials that it mentions (metal, plastic, glass, wood, fabric)

- play the game (drag the objects underneath the correct material)

Then have a look at the picture below and find all the different materials used.

Design Technology

The big tent where circuses are performed is called a Big Top and one of its functions is to provide shelter and be waterproof for the show. I challenge you to create a waterproof shelter for a teddy of yours. You can make it out of any materials you can find and any design that you think will work. Then put it to the test and see if you teddy stays dry! Don’t forget to take some pictures and send them in.

Then there is also a PE lesson - find a home workout which appeals to you online- how about practising some circus themed skills such as juggling, balancing and bending? 

In addition to the above theme work, don’t forget you have your daily Doodle Maths and English challenges!!! For Math’s they centre around addition and subtraction – so get your pen and paper ready to do some working out! You might want to complete the GPS activities on their first, before attempting your writing, as the modal verbs will come in handy to strengthen your case!  There is also Timestable Rockstars and Read Theory to keep you busy if you are, like me, a little bored…

Spellings are attached ‘Adding suffixes to vowel letters ending in fer’.  You may want to watch this video and complete the task before you begin to practice: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zqqsw6f/articles/zcsyjty

Try and keep to our routine of writing out your spellings in sentences, and their definitions if necessary, before you complete the weekly spelling test on Friday. Don’t forget to get someone to mark these after in your spelling book, to keep track of scores!

Have a lovely week and enjoy the activities!

Miss Jackson.

P.S Take a look at some of the new tabs on our 'At Home Learning' page; there is a football game and an interactive book which might be of interest!