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Snaith Primary School

Week Beginning 12.10.2020

Week Beginning: 12th October 2020

Topic Work

We will be continuing to learn about harvest this week, we will be talking about the foods that grow in the ground and exploring how the crops are planted, cared for and harvested.  We will learn about some incredible machines such as Combine Harvesters and enjoy some scarecrow themed art and craft activities. 

Enjoy watching this information video:


Support your child in adding labels to the picture attached below.  Encourage them to use their phonic knowledge to identify some of the sounds in words and show them how to write the ones they can hear (page 6 of the attachment)

Scarecrows are brilliant at keeping farmers crops safe.  Have fun singing the nursery rhyme ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ and then have a go at some scarecrow crafts.  Can your child turn a paper plate into a scarecrow mask?  A scarecrow split pin puppet is attached below so your child can practice their careful cutting and colouring skills.


We shared the Pumpkin Soup story last week and will have fun getting to know the text in class by retelling it in different ways and taking on the roles of characters.  The children will begin to learn how food get processed into different meals and we will prepare to make our very own Pumpkin Soup for our harvest feast.

Enjoy listening to the story here:


Can your child draw a picture of the three characters?  Perhaps they could attempt to write the words cat, duck and squirrel to show who is who.


Please see last weeks home learning for guidance from the Read Write Inc website on how to correctly pronounce speed sounds and how they can be blended for reading.

In phonics we will review the speed sounds and red words we already know:

m, a, s, d, t, I, n, p

‘I’ and ‘to’

And learn the new sounds:

g, o, c, k

Below are links to the Read Write Inc online lessons for this week:





Please watch the Alphablocks episodes below to support your child's recognition and recall of the sounds.




Worksheets that can be used to practice forming the letters are attached below.

(print pages 26, 29, 32, )

Have fun popping sounds in the game Phoneme Pop which can be accessed here:



In Maths we will consolidate our understanding of the number two. Please enjoy watching this episode of the number blocks:


Share the presentation that is attached below and talk about the questions.

Practice forming the number two using the worksheet attached below.  If you don’t have access to a printer write some in a yellow pen and ask your child write over top, prompting them to start at the top of the letter.

Hide some number ones and twos around the house on post it notes, you could use a combination of numerals and simple pictures or symbols such as dots and squares.  Ask your child to find them and then sort them accordingly.


Finally, take care of yourselves, if someone is poorly help your child to think of any kind acts that might make them feel better – perhaps they could make a card of help to prepare a special snack?  Remember we are thinking of you and sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery, we can’t wait to see your child's smiling face back in class 😊


Here are some Read, Write Inc videos to demonstrate ‘stretchy’ and ‘bouncy’ phoneme pronunciation: