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Snaith Primary School

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Morning team! 

I hope you’re all ok and staying safe! 

Wednesday’s task:

50 MARK READING TEST. Click the link below to download it. Good luck... I'll send you the answers tomorrow.   


April Fools!! ;-) Haha! 

Here's your real task... Read pages 75-78 from chapter 6 (Trudy) in Pig Heart Boy. Your task is to write an informal letter (as Cam) to Trudy the pig. Share your feelings with her… Be chatty! You may want to be apologetic or extremely thankful.



In addition to this, there are your 7 a-day tasks waiting to be completed on Doodle Maths and Doodle English.  Plus your daily extra task, which will be rotated between maths and English each day. Just log in and get busy...

I keep checking  your progress regularly. Well done to those who have managed to complete all the added extras. And an even bigger well done to those who have achieved green everyday! Absolute legends!



Also, if you wish, log in to ttrockstars and earn lots of coins... Mr C will keep sending you ROCKSLAMS! Feel free to send him them too; he will be online everyday!  


Have a fab day!

Miss Howson :-)