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Snaith Primary School

Wednesday 1st April

Hey guys, 

Happy April Fools! I hope you had fun sketching meteor art; very jealous I can't join in with you all! Today's task is as followed: 

Science & ICT Mini Project : Can you create me a powerpoint on 'Our Solar System'. If this software is not available to you, think about all the other ways you could present your findings! How about in an informative 'Vlog' or using flash, fact cards ?! You could even make 'Top Trump' cards with your family, or a 'Guess Who' style game, for when you have finished learning about each of them! 

Research and record your findings on these planets: 

  1. Mars 
  2. Earth
  3. Neptune
  4. Saturn
  5. Jupiter
  6. Uranus
  7. Mercury
  8. Venus

For each planet, you need to include: 

  • Their position and distance  from the sun 
  • Their size in relation to Earth
  • The average temperature recorded there
  • What the atmosphere is believed to be like
  • How many moons each one has 
  • Any other unique and interesting characteristics! 

I have attached some resources to help you on your quest to learn more about our solar system! Additionally, try searching for " we are the planets" on YouTube! You might recognise this catchy (if not slightly annoying) tune haha! 

Year 5 Blog with Mr Pickering: 

Finally, Mr Pickering has set up a class blog if you would like to comment on any of his previous posts! He has a 'Spot the Difference' challenge, which is quite puzzling! Keep an eye out for my post on film emoji's  - see if you and your parents can figure out the  titles from emojis alone! 


To add a comment, scroll down to where it says 'enter a comment' and choose 'anonymous' from the drop down menu. Type in your answer with your first name ONLY. Click 'publish' - you may have to verify you are not a robot by clicking through some images! Mr Pickering will check your comment first and then it will be published to our blog! 

I look forward to hearing from you all on there, 
Miss Jackson