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Snaith Primary School

Wednesday 1st April

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Todays Activities;

Singing: Sing our days of the week and days of the month songs. What month are we now in?

Activity 1: During the spring lots of animals have babies, using books or the internet find out the names of these animals babies:

sheep, pig, duck, cow and horse.

Draw a picture of each and write down what they are called using your phonics to help you to sound out. You could maybe write an interesting fact that you might know about one or more of the animals.


Please continue to complete your 5 a day on ‘doodlemaths’. Don't forget to look out for any extras you may have been assigned. You all look like you are doing a fab job. Keep up the hard work.


I hope you managed to find lots of words with the letters we gave you yesterday. Today can you choose one of those  words and write a fantastic sentence with it. Don't forget to use a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end.


Keep up the hard work Reception you are doing brill.