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Snaith Primary School

W/C 4/5/2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend and you enjoyed last week’s geography work. I am certainly missing the sunshine but have been appreciating chatting to friends and my family online. I hope to ring you all on Wednesday to check in with you and see how you are all doing - so if your parents get a call from school or an ‘unknown number’ it will be only me! I will look forward to catching up :) 

Please see below (and the pdf) of the exciting tasks set for this week: 

While we have posted a suggested order (we know some people find this helpful) please feel free to pick and choose.

Please remember - your child’s well-being is the most important thing to us. You may find that they are more inspired some days than other. Some days they might do no tasks. Other days they may wish to do more than one.

We also appreciate that many of you are likely to be working and juggling child care. So our message is simple: do what you can and be kind to yourselves too!

We also value cooking, gardening, cleaning and a wealth of other things you will be doing as families.

If your child would like to share what they have been doing with us, please email your photos e.t.c. to Snaith.primary2020@gmail.com (you can also email any questions or concerns to the teachers on this).

If you have any other concerns, please do contact school on 01405 860452 or on snaith.primary.eastriding.gov.uk


Pick an animal to study this week… Pick one that you are passionate about! Or maybe one that really just intrigues you!

I’m going for a green sea turtle!

Research Task 1

Answer these 10 questions about your animal:

  1. What is its scientific name?
  2. What does it look like? Describe its appearance.
  3. What classification does it belong to? e.g. reptile, amphibian…
  4. What continents can it be found in?
  5. Name three countries it can be found in.
  6. What is its habitat?
  7. What does it eat?
  8. What is its lifespan?
  9. Are they an endangered species?
  10. Write 4 true or false statements about your animals. Try and use facts that have not been used above.

For example: A baby turtle has a special tooth to crack open the egg shell. True or false?

Use Google to search for the answers. 

www.natgeokids.com is a fab website!

Research Task 2

Watch some YouTube clips (or clips from other websites – BBC have some fab ones) about your animal. Write down 5 interesting facts…


Write a fact page about your animal. Use the information gathered yesterday to help…

Have a look at my WAGOLL about a Yellow Spotted Lizard if you wish. Feel free to magpie what you like. My subheadings (Adaptation, Habitat, Diet and Did You Know?) may be useful.

I’ve also attached a success criteria below for those, who like me, like a checklist!


Create a cartoon character of your animal.

Use Google/YouTube to search for inspiration and help you with your technique!

This fab YouTube video shows you how to draw a cartoon dog, cat, rabbit, horse and dolphin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFVXQHncaoc

Enjoy! I can’t wait to see these… The elephants that we saw were OUTSTANDING!

Take a picture of your work and email them to snaith.primary2020@gmail.com so we can put them on the website!


Home-school Olympics (AKA Classroom Olympics)

Pick several games from the list below to create your own home-school Olympics (feel free to modify them or use your own). Compete against your family members. Record your results in a table (I’ve attached one if you wish to print it). The winner of each event gets 3 points, second place gets 2 points and third gets 1. Add up all your points at the end to see who is the home-school, Olympic champion of your house.


  1. Weightlifting Cup (How long can you hold a carton of milk up for? Make sure your arm is straight!)
  2. Jelly Bean Grab (How many jelly beans can you grab with one hand?)
  3. Marshmallow Catapult (How far can you flick a marshmallow?)
  4. Shooting Hoops (How long does it take you to get 3 balls in the hoop?)
  5. Keepie Uppies (How many toilet roll keepie uppies can you do?)
  6. Spin the coin (How long can you spin a coin for?)
  7. Malteser switch (In 30 seconds, how many maltesers can you transfer with a straw from cup to cup?)
  8. Balloon bash (How far can you bash a balloon with three continuous hits?)


Invent your own home-school Olympic game. Email me the instructions at snaith.primary2020@gmail.com so I can have a go! 


Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). To celebrate 75 years since the end of the second world war in Europe, we have linked today’s task to the occasion.

Whole School Paper Aeroplane Competition

Competition 1: longest throw/flight

Make a paper aeroplane (from one piece of A4 paper). If you wish, use Google to research paper aeroplane designs. When you’re ready, fly it (check where with your parents) and measure the distance. If you don’t have a tape measure, then measure the distance some other way. For example: use your feet.

Remember to email snaith.primary2020@gmail.com with your scores…

Competition 2: best design

Make a WWII paper aeroplane. If you wish, use Google to search for WWII paper aeroplane designs. There are some outstanding WAGOLLs. Add detail and colour. Be creative!!!!

Email your finished aeroplanes to snaith.primary2020@gmail.com

Doodle Maths and Doodle English

In addition to this, there are your daily tasks waiting to be completed on Doodle Maths and Doodle English. 


  • A GPS activity on commas for clarity; you might want to complete this before listing your animal’s features as a starter activity.
  • A short non-fiction and fiction reading comprehension


  • I have set new tasks each day based around multiplication and division. You might want to jot down your working out, using long multiplication and bus stop division methods.
  • A video recap which may help you when dealing with these methods:
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLze82Zcc4Y– Division –Remember to write out your times tables to help you, and look out for remainders!
  •  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC76ahwXi_8- Multiplication  - Remember to align your place value and add a zero if multiplying by the tens 

Spellings:  This weeks spellings  - Year 5/6 Spelling List (A’s):

  1. Accommodate
  2. Accompany
  3. According
  4. Achieve
  5. Aggressive
  6. Amateur
  7. Ancient
  8. Apparent
  9. Appreciate
  10. Attached
  11. Available
  12. Average
  13. Awkward

Possible techniques to help practice:

  • Write out 5 times in joined up handwriting
  • Spell in the air with your finger/ on your arm
  • Create ‘silly sentences’ to sound them out
  • Research definitions/ synonyms using a dictionary
  • Write in context in a sentence

*Spelling test on Friday please; this is a target area of ours*

Extra challenges if required: Picture Maths Puzzles

Have a go at the picture maths puzzles attached below.

There is a mix of easy, medium and hard. Watch out for the tricks: sometimes they remove or add extra pictures at the bottom. Also, remember BODMAS when you’re solving the end problem. That means multiplication and division need to be solved before the addition and subtraction.

(5 x 3) +10 = 25 (not 45)

Top Tip: Remember the brackets help to separate each sum!

TTROCKSTARS & Read Theory - our class our scoring consistently high on here so keep it up!!!


Cool science experiments from Professor Brainstorm http://www.profbrainstorm.co.uk/homescience.htm


Have a fab week everyone and keep on shining! 

Miss J 

P.S Just as a heads up, next week's task will be centred around your favourite foods... So get thinking about what ingredients you may need, to recreate a favourite dish of yours!