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Snaith Primary School

W/B 4.01.21

A big hello and Happy New Year to all of our reception class boys and girls, we hope you had a happy and safe Christmas holiday with your family.  We will be getting back into routine by reflecting on our Christmas holidays and thinking about our goals and targets for the coming term.  Have fun completing the challenges below.

Can you draw a picture and write about your Christmas holidays? Use your phonics and 'Fred Fingers' to help you. If you need an extra challenge perhaps you could think about what you did at the beginning of the holidays, in the middle and at the end.

Can you make a thankyou card for Santa or a relative who sent you a Christmas gift?   Decorate the front and write your message inside, you might need to remember the red word ‘to’.  Remember to end your message by writing who it is from… You!

Get creative and create a picture, collage or model of your favourite Christmas present, can you write a sentence about it?

We'd love for you continue developing your fine motor skills so the next activity is attached below. Can you carefully pattern the 2021 sheet, be careful to keep your pen on the lines!

As we look forward to the next year we will also reflect on the best bits of 2021.  Can you help your grown u to create a collage of 2020?  You could include special items and photos from your adventure.  Can you split them into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and talk about the things you celebrated in each season?


We have four new sounds for you to learn this week.  The guidance below is from the Read Write Inc website which helps to teach the children how to correctly pronounce speed sounds and how to write them.

In phonics we will review the speed sounds and red words we already know. These are: m, a, s, d, t, I, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, r, j, v, y, w, z and x

Red words: I, my, to, the, go

Our new sounds this week are ch, qu, ng and nk.





 Please complete one sound a day and revisit sounds all four sounds on Friday. You could play different phonics games such as finding objects around your home that begin with that sound. You could put all of the sounds onto post it notes and ask your child to retrieve the sound you shout out. Finally you could help your child write the sound in different ways, that could be in the air, using their finger, with water on the ground, using chalks or on a piece of paper.

We will also be practising our blending skills and using the identified sounds to read words.  The videos below will support your child in doing this.







In maths this week we will be reviewing the numbers explored so far (0 to 8) and learning all about number 9. 

Watch the number blocks episode below


Explore why 9 is a square number using the resources below, can they remember the other square number block we have already met?

Practice forming the number 9 correctly using the formation sheet below

How many ways can you make 9?  Can you record the different ways as a number sentence?  E.g. 7 +2 = 9.