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Snaith Primary School

W/B 19-10-20

Hello and welcome to this weeks home learning tasks. This week, we are following a Halloween theme with some of the tasks.

English – Halloween poem

In the play Macbeth there are some witches that create a spell and potion by putting lots of strange things into a cauldron.

You are going to write a poem describing lots of gruesome, hideous and mythical things going into a cauldron.

Have a look at the instructions on the file below called ‘Halloween Poem’ and have a go.


Art – Design a pumpkin and draw a spiders web

We have 2 art tasks for you to have a go at here, both relating to Halloween.

The first one is to design a pumpkin using patterns, shapes or pictures.  This picture will give you an idea.

The second one is to draw a spider’s web and then when you have coloured it in, add a black spider on top.  See below for an example of this.


Re – Comparing pilgrimages

In RE we have been learning about pilgrimages. Today you are going to research and look into pilgrimages for 2 religions. Then you are going to compare the similarities and differences.

First of all, watch the 2 video clips below and make notes. Remember notes don’t have to be written in full sentences, it can be abbreviated or ‘text talk’. As long as you can understand it when you read it back.



Now you have your notes, download the document below called ‘RE  - comparing pilgrimages’ and fill in the Venn diagram with your notes.  If you don’t have access to a printer, you can draw your own Venn diagram.

Computing – Understanding Coding

Computer coding is basically about creating a clear set of instructions that can be followed. This lesson will give you the opportunity to think about clear instructions.

See the file below called ‘Coding pres’. This gives you 2 activities to have a go at and then an optional 3rd challenge if you fancy it.

Maths - Hexagon investigation

Remember that when doing a maths investigation, sometimes it is not the answer that’s the important bit, but it’s the process you go through to get to the answer. Some investigations are open ended and have more than 1 answer and some of them require some trial and error and predicting lots of theories to test out.

Today we have a maths investigation all about hexagons. To complete this investigation you can just draw the hexagons, use cocktail sticks or collect some sticks from your garden.

Please see the file below called ‘hexagons maths investigation’ for the instructions.

PSHE - Dealing with change

Everybody has to deal with change.

Some changes can be difficult, some can be expected and some are a surprise. Either way, we need to learn to cope with changes.

Download the file below called ‘PSHE – dealing with change’ and work through the activities.


English – Halloween story

Here is the opening to a spooky Halloween story. Can you continue the story on?

I would recommend at least these 3 paragraphs:

  • Describe the inside of the house in lots of detail. (Show don't tell)
  • Explain something that goes wrong in the house. (The problem.)
  • Explain the solution. How are they going to get out of the house?

Remember some of the things from Luke Temple last week.


Speech marks. Simile. Adjectives. Verb and adverb opener (ly-ing). Connectives. Alliteration. Build suspense and tension. Short sentences. The senses.

“The house on the hill had been vacant for more than 10 years. The windows were broken and the grass was as high as the tallest windows. As we walked by on Halloween, every light switched on and music started playing….”