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Snaith Primary School

W/B 16/11/20

Hello boys and girls, we hope you are all okay and keeping well. Here are these weeks learning tasks. Our learning focus this week is autumn! Listed below are the activities we’d like you to complete at home.

Look out of your window and around you garden at home, can you talk with a grown up about what you can see and how you can tell it is autumn. Attached below is an autumn check list, can you look and see if you can find/spot any of these things?

Can you draw a picture of 5 things that you saw outside or in your gardens and label them? Use your phonics to help you sound out each object you saw. Can you use the correct colours to represent each object?

Please have a look at the link below. You will find a link to the story ‘Leaf Man’. Can you remember all of the different creatures that you came across in the story? We would love you to create your own leaf man/creature using leaves.


Phonics this week:

Please could you learn the following sounds this week. The guidance is from the Read Write Inc website which helps to teach the how to correctly pronounce speed sounds and how to write them.

In phonics we will renew the speed sounds and read words we already know. These are: m, a, s, d, t, I, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l

Red words: I, my, to, the, go

Our new sounds this week are h, r, j and v. Please complete one sound a day and revisit sounds learnt on Friday. You could play different phonics games such as finding objects around your home that begin with that sound. You could put all of the sounds onto post it notes and ask your child to retrieve the sound you shout out. Finally you could help your child write the sound in different ways, that could be in the air, using their finger, with water on the ground, using chalks or on a piece of paper. 

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/HJH0oz8H/NGx0YPxH   h


https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/pF7eGr67/xAnhCimo   r


https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/H9535jMq/a0qYLgLm  j


https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/A3BXNY9V/ijFXbmcJ  v


Please continue to practise your letter formation at home. See if you can orally blend these CVC words. 

Please read these out to your child and see if they can hear what the words are. 

v-a-n   j-a-m    r-a-t     h-a-t    h-o-t     r-u-n    v-e-t    r-o-d

Keep practising these CVC words. Have a go at writing these down onto paper and see if your child can read them independently. 


Please watch the following episode below to introduce the number 5.


Attached below are some maths activities we would like you to have a go at. 


Can you collect 5 objects from around your home?

Can you show 5 fingers in different ways across two hands?

Can you show 5 in different actions (clapping, jumping, patting)


Here is a link to a counting game, see if you can count correctly and select the correct number.