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Snaith Primary School

W/B 12-10-20

Here are your learning at home tasks for this week as well as Reading Plus, Doodle Maths and English and Timetables Rockstars. 

English - Luke Temple Writing Workshop part A

This week, our English is based on a writing masterclass by an author that came to visit the school a couple of years ago – Luke Temple.

He has made some videos for us to watch and then planned some mini activities. These videos all lead to you writing a final piece of writing at the end of the week.

Watch the video input from Luke Temple


Watch the video of Luke reading chapter 5


This part of the story is set in a room that looks like a giant snakes and ladders board game. Can you design and describe your own room? It could be another board game, a kitchen full of rotten eggs or something from a film like Harry Potter?

Watch the video of Luke talking about the senses


Look at the 5 sentences below from chapter 17 using senses.

Felix looked up at the creature’s scaly belly and in between the scales was a fiery orange glow.

The dragon’s large nostrils sniffed the air slowly, dangerously, as if searching for its prey

Felix clamped her hands to her ears as the dragon let out a shattering wail.

Careful to avoid its green spikes, she yanked on the dragon’s tail and its neck whipped round.

Felix’s mouth was dry from the bitter smoke she had swallowed.

Can you write 5 sentences using the senses about the room you created earlier? What will Felix see, hear, smell, taste and touch?

English - Luke Temple Writing Workshop part B

Today, we are going to carry on with our Luke Temple masterclass.

Watch the video of Luke talking about description


Have a look at the sections called ‘Description’ on the uploaded file below called 'Luke Temple writing'

Can you re-write your 5 senses sentences and this time add in a simile, adjectives, metaphor, onomatopoeia to make them better.

Watch the video of Luke talking about ‘show don’t tell’


Have a look at the section called ‘Show don’t tell’ on the uploaded file below called 'Luke Temple writing'

Can you write some sentences where you show don’t tell how Felix and Casper would feel walking into the room you created at the start?

Watch the video of Luke talking about short sentences


Have a look at the sections called ‘short sentences’ on the uploaded file below called 'Luke Temple writing'

Can you re-write Luke’s attempt at his first paragraph by adding short sentences?

English - Final Writing Task - Luke Temple

Now it’s your time to write

Write a chapter about 2 characters entering a room of your choice and a dragon appearing from somewhere in the room. The room could be one that you created earlier in the week. Don’t forget to describe the room and the dragon. Also think about the characters and how they feel, how they would act and what they would say.  

Use all the skills you have learnt on this master class – senses, description, show don’t tell, short sentences. 

I can’t wait to read your work 

Maths - Sticks Investigation

Today we have a maths investigation lined up for you called ‘sticks’. Follow the instructions on the pdf below which will talk you through the sections.

You can just use a pencil and draw lines for the ‘sticks’ or you can find some sticks in your garden to use if you want.

Guided Reading

Your guided reading is based on Luke Temple's latest book. See the document below called 'Luke Temple RIC' for the RIC starter questions.

Then see below for 'Luke Temple's new book' and just read chapter 5 (pages 28-35).

Then have a go at the questions relating to chapter 5 on the document called 'Luke Temple questions'

Topic - Saxon Gods and Religion

Please see the word document below called 'Saxon Gods worksheet' and the pdf called 'Saxon Religion'.  These documents explain the tasks you need to do.


PSHE – To understand why our school community benefits from a learning charter

Starter Game

You have 2 minutes to see how many words you can make from the word ‘responsibilities’. For example you can make the words sit, bit, belt, lip etc etc.

On your marks … get set … go!

When your 2 minutes are up, add up your points. For a 3 letter word you get 3 points, for a 4 letter word you get 4 points etc etc.


Please see the PSHE file attached below.

Have a look at the Rights and Responsibilities on the Learning Charter and think about why it is important that we follow these rights and responsibilities.

Are there any others that we could add on to the bottom?


Your task is to be an agony aunt, which is a person who gives advice and helps someone when they need it. Have a look at the scenario cards which give details of problems that some people are having. For each scenario can you answer these questions?

  • How would you show this person that we have a kind and caring community?
  • What would you say to this person?
  • Why would the rights and responsibilities on our learning charter be helpful for this person?
  • What would happen if someone decided not to follow the rights and responsibilities towards this person?
  • How could we encourage people to follow the rights and responsibilities?

You can respond in these ways

  • write your answers down
  • write each person a letter
  • write each person a text or email
  • record yourself answering with audio or video