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Snaith Primary School

W/B 05-10-20

Please see the tasks below for children in my class that are at home this week.

Please also complete Reading Plus, Doodle Maths and TimesTables Rockstars. 

Science - yeast race

Watch the following link


Download the 2 yeast race documents below, one explains the method and one is for writing up your experiment and conclusions. 

English - persuasive write

We are looking at persuasion this week. To help persuade someone to do something or go somewhere you can use wonderful description, use rhetorical questions, repeat important words and phrases and explain how it will benefit them.

Write a persuasive piece of writing trying to persuade someone to visit a place of your choice. it could be a theme park or somewhere you have been on holiday.  

RE - Pilgrimage

Use the internet to research what a pilgrimage is.

Think about where you would go on a pilgrimage and what you would take.

Download the template below and complete the sections. If you can't print the sheet off you can set it out how you like. 

Topic - Anglo Saxon Place names

Exploring where, and why,  the Saxon's chose to settle in Britain.

Please download the PDF's below ,'Map of Anglo Saxon Britain' & 'Anglo Saxon Place Chart', then complete the steps on there!