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Snaith Primary School

W/B 04-01-21

Home Learning

Hello everyone and happy new year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas break and are looking forward to 2021!

This term we are doing a geography based topic looking into South America.

Please find your home learning tasks below.

Introduction to South America

Set a timer for 1 minute and see how many things you can write down that you know about south America already.

Have a look at the file below called “intro to S. America”.

There are 10 places and 10 pictures. Your task is to use the internet to help you match up the place and the picture. Then find where these places are and write some interesting facts about them. You can present this however you like.

Guided Reading – PEE (point, evidence, explain)

Please see the file called “Holes”

In this guided reading lesson you will be practising answering 3 mark questions using the point, evidence, explain structure. When doing this you need to make a point, find a quote from the text as evidence and then explain it. There are 3 sentence starters that help with this.

Please see the file below called “GR PEE” to give you an example and then have a go at the worksheet called “GR worksheet”.


This term in PSHE the topic is dreams and goals and you will be thinking about your future.

Have a think about how you would answer this question…

“If I won lots of money my dream would be ….”

Does your dream rely on money? Would you dream change if money wasn’t involved? Are all dreams reliant on money?

Have a think about how you picture your life in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years time. What do you want to do as a job, where do you think you will live and who with? What will you do with your spare time? What will you do at the weekends?

Have a think about what you may need to do to achieve your goal and make an action plan.

Design a chocolate bar

We are going to focus a bit on chocolate this term as South America produce cocoa beans. We would like you to have a go at designing a chocolate bar. Have a go at the following tasks:

  • Think of a name
  • Create a logo and slogan
  • Think of the ingredients
  • Design the packaging
  • Create an advertising poster

Writing – Persuasion

Have a look at the file below called “Bill Posters persuasion” which gives 6 top tips for writing effective persuasion. Now have a practise at writing some persuasive sentences for the ice cream making machine.

Have a look at the lindt and bounty adverts on this website https://unruly.co/blog/article/2017/04/13/10-best-chocolate-ads-time/

Your task is to write a persuasive piece of writing about your chocolate bar that you have designed. Use the planning grid below called “persuasion planning grid” to collate your ideas and then have a go at writing some effective persuasion.