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Snaith Primary School

Tuesday 24th March

Hey Guys, 

Well that’s our first official day of ‘supporting learning at home’ completed! It might have felt very strange,  but is certainly necessary. We hope you had fun drawing your aliens -I can't wait to see your wacky designs! 

For today, I have set the following: 

  • Spellings -This week’s spellings are below. Please write them in a sentence, using a dictionary (or I-Pad) to check definitions if necessary!

Peculiar / Perhaps / Popular /Position /Possess / Possession / Possible / Potatoes / Pressure / Probably / Promise /Purpose / Quarter / Question / Particular

Please get an adult to check you have spelt these correctly and used them in an appropriate context :) 


Watch this trailer for inspiration! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taMnCjzKgd8

Your task is to write a short sci-fi story with an alien in it! Describe what you saw, how you reacted and how other people reacted. Challenge: Leave it on a cliff hanger! 

You might want to 'play teacher' and flick through the powerpoint (if you can) to revisit adverbials as a mini-starter.  I have included an adverbial mat to help you upgrade your sentence structure;  remember to always 'aim for outstanding' and use online thesauruses to describe the 5w's! 

  • On Doodle Maths -Count forwards or backwards in steps of powers of 10 for any given number up to 1 000 000
  • On Doodle English - Expressing Time using an Adverb / Expressing Place using an Adverb

Thank you to those who are using the online platforms to practice your math's and literacy skills! If there are any problems with logging on, please contact school and we will try and assist you in using these online tools! 

Stay safe, 

Miss Jackson