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Snaith Primary School

Thursday 26th March

Hi Guys, 

Hope you are all well! Very nearly the end of the first week! Yay!!! I'll be announcing 'superstars' for those who are using Doodle daily to complete the tasks, so stay tuned for tomorrow...

  • Task One -Guided Reading -Below are some questions from 'The Other Side of Truth' - Chapter 5  - 'Spinning into Darkness'. Please read the chapter aloud, or discuss it afterwards, with an adult, then answer the following questions in your text book: 
  1. Why do you think ‘Mr Fix It’ “rolled their new names very loudly” in the airport? (page 38)  - 1 MARK
  2. Find two quotes that show that both Sade and Femi are feeling very uncomfortable on page 39 -  2 MARKS
  3. Find an example of figurative language (simile, personification or metaphor) used to describe the exchange through security (page 40). Challenge, there are 3!!! - 3 MARKS
  4. What do you think the Author means by “forehead puckered with suspicion”? (page 41) - 1 MARK
  5. Do you think this airport is similar to ones you may have visited in the UK? Justify your opinion, with evidence from the text! (page 42-43) – 2 MARKS
  6. Why does Sade try and hide the fact she is crying in the toilet? (page 44). Please explain your point of view, using these sentence starters ‘I think….This is because…’ – 2 MARKS
  7. Why does the Author include lots of rhetorical questions in page 45? Think about what effect this has on the reader! – 1 MARK
  8. What does Sade mean by “and he too, was slipping away from her fingers” when describing her brother? Page 46 – 1 MARKS

Try and record your responses in full sentences, and remember to ask for help only AFTER you have re-read both the question and page - the answer might be screaming out at you! I will upload the answers tomorrow so you can mark them together : )

  • Task 2 - Food Challenge!!!

    Parents - you will love this! Children, can you create your own meal (breakfast, lunch or tea). Take a picture of your meal as evidence. Even better, take lots of pics while making your meal and make a pic collage to show all the fun you've had! 

The best creations will win prizes!!!

Stay positive and polite, 

Miss Jackson