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Snaith Primary School

Thursday 26th March

We hope you are all enjoying meeting the different characters from the story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

Today we would like you to meet Mike Teavee!

As you may have guessed, Mike Teavee loves watching TV.


Today, we would like you to think about your favourite TV programme.

Can you draw a picture of the main character/s and answer the following 3 questions in sentences:

* What is it?

* Why do you like it?

* When do you watch it?


You may even like to pretend to be a character from your favourite TV show!

* Who will you be?

* How will you act?

* Can you dress up as that character?!


Have fun and we hope you are able to enjoy the sunshine while you can.


You can also access Read, Write, Inc Phonics resources at:


Speed sounds set 1 – Mrs Henderson’s Group

Speed sounds set 2 – Mrs Agar’s Group

Speed sounds set 3 – Mrs Clarkson’s Group, Mrs Stevenson’s Group and Mrs Selkirk’s Group

A new sound is premiered each morning at 9:30 but can be viewed at any time using the link above.


Don’t forget to do your:

* ‘Doodle Maths’ Extra and 5-a-day

* ‘Doodle English’ Extra and 5-a-day.

* Year 2 - Spend at least 10 minutes practising your times table rock star challenges at https://ttrockstars.com/