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Snaith Primary School


 Social and Emotional aspects of learning

As well as all the important academic and creative learning which takes place in our school, SEAL is a significant part of our curriculum and underpins our whole school philosophy.

What is the purpose of SEAL?

SEAL aims to help children acquire an emotional vocabulary and skills to deal with different and sometimes difficult situations they may face, not only as a child in school but for life in general! 

We encourage children (and adults) to understand that how they feel has an impact upon how well we are ready and able to learn and interact with each other. Being able to identify how we feel, respond to how each other feels and deal with that is hugely important in helping us grow!


How do you feel today?

Sometimes situations occur to shake your can. Then the smallest thing can cause you to pull the ring and fizz over.

Before that happens perhaps you need time to put the can down, let it settle and think about how you feel!

How are children taught SEAL?

Children learn skills through taught sessions which are part of the seal curriculum, as well as in how we deal with any concerns or issues as they arise.  The children may learn through reading, writing, drawing, role play, and discussion such as in which ‘circle time’, where everyone has the opportunity to share and actively and respectfully listen to each other.

There are five key social and emotional aspects of learning :

  • self- awareness
  • motivation
  • empathy
  • Social awareness
  • Managing feelings skills

The objectives of the SEAL curriculum are included in the themes the children learn. They are progressive skills which cover the main focuses of …

  • New Beginnings
  • Good to be me.
  • Going for Goals
  • Getting on and Falling out.
  • Relationships
  • Changes