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Snaith Primary School


At Snaith Primary School we teach reading through 'Read, Write, Inc'.

This programme is proven to be extreamly effective in helping  children to become confident and independent readers and writers by introducing letters and sounds, and teaching strategies for reading and writing words.

As part of the 'Read, Write, Inc' phonics programme each sound has a saying to help us remember the correct sound i.e. mmmmmountain; sssssssssnake (indicated in blue) and a saying to help us remember how to form the letters correctly i.e. Maisie, mountain, mountain; slither down the snake (indicated by italics).

How can we support at home?

'Read, Write Inc' uses pure sounds, ('mmmm' not' muh', 'sssss' not 'suh', etc) so that your child will be able to blend the sounds into words more easily. 

The following link will take you to a 5 minute DVD clip, demonstrating how we produce our pure sounds to help during our Read Write Inc lessons.


Reading Schemes

We have recently launched our new Read Write Inc Reading Scheme. Our children are given a small selection of books based on the sounds they have been learning in their phonics lessons. We ask that the children read these books repeatedly over the week to develop their confidence and familiarity with the words and story. On ther following reading day they will be asked about the story and tested on their word recognition. End the end of each half term the children are tested on their phonic knowledge and will be allocated the most appropriate books based on their knowledge. Along with these books, the children are also given books from other reading schemes to widen the knowledge of different kinds of texts. 

We hope you and your child have fun reading them!