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Snaith Primary School


Meet the PTA 

  • Chairperson - Julie Linton
  • Secretary – Danielle Alderson and Natalie Cromack
  • Treasury - Nicola Boasman
  • Active members – Laura Gungaram-Smith, Louise Smith, Debbie Schofield, Lucy Colby, Kelly Heard, Rhea Pickering, Alex Adam, Jenna Melville
  • Members - All of you! Parents / Teachers

Thank you for your continued support 

We are always looking for extra help

Anything from putting up posters, helping at an event, to simply generating ideas, all assistance is greatly appreciated.

Join The PTA

If you would like information on how to become a member of the PTA, or to support and share ideas please do not hesitate to contact us. 


PTA Facebook - We now have our own new Facebook page - Infor PTA Snaith Primary .  This is purely to share information, all posts will be assessed by administrators before they are released.  

PTA Email 

We still have our own PTA email address should you want to get in touch - Snaithpta@hotmail.com