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Snaith Primary School


Headteacher: Mrs Helen Calpin

Chair of Governors: Mr Chris Emsen

This weeks attendance 98.43%

Newsletter Friday 13th September 2019

Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Collection

I am a little concerned, as I know some of you are regarding the level of congestion on the playground at the start and end of the school day.  To try and alleviate this from Monday we will operate the following system:

  • Mrs Johnson’s 3/4 class will enter school via the year 5/6 door along with children in years 5/6 and Mrs Sherlock’s/Mrs Millard’s class. 
  • All Year 1/2 will be collected from the main playground by their teacher and access school via the main entrance. 
  • Nursery and Reception will enter via their own classroom doors.
  • Miss Richardson’s class will be collected from the playground and access their classroom around the back of school.

On wet days only Years 1/2 and Miss Richardson’s class should enter school through the main entrance and we respectfully ask all other classes enter school by their usual entrance. 

As a safeguarding measure, please can I ask all parents to leave the side gate, from the playground to the main walk way to school clear, as three classes have to use this as an entrance point from the playground.

If you need to leave the playground before all children have entered, please leave by the main playground gate.  Thank you in advance for your understanding. 


At the end of the school day

  • Parents of children in Mrs Clarkson /Mrs Peavoy’s class – please collect from the rear of school via Mrs Agars Classroom door along with Mrs Agars class.
  • Miss Timney’s/Mr Clarkson’s class - will continue to leave via Mrs Johnson’s external door and through the nursery area.
  • Nursery and reception will leave via their respective external doors.
  • Miss Richard’s class will be brought round to the corner near the sound garden.

            All other classes will leave via the Year 5/6 door.

Please remind all children, as we do, if an adult they are expecting is not on the playground to return to the main school office or go to a member of staff outside on the playground.  If you do change the person who is collecting from school or your child is going home with a friend, please notify the class teacher or the school office of who is collecting on your behalf.


Parents Visiting School

In the interests of safeguarding, please could I ask that any parents coming into school to only use the main entrance and speak with the staff in the office, who will be only too happy to help or get a class teacher for you.

Once again I thank you in advance for your understanding.


Car Parking

We politely ask that if you are parking in the vicinity of the school and adjacent roads to the school that you do not block driveways or park on pavements as this causes problems for our local residents.  Thank you in advance for your consideration. 


Cycle Race – Road Closusre

We are aware of road closures in Snaith on Friday 27th September.  To accommodate these, school will open at 8:30am and children will be asked to come straight into class from this time. We aim for all children to be in school by 8.45am in order that parents are able to be away before the road closure begins. School will remain open until 3.30pm. As the race is due to pass through Snaith at 3pm we anticipate that the road will reopen from approx. 3.15/20pm.  If you are able to walk to and from school on that day this would be appreciated as this will help to ease congestion.


Drop in and see what we have been doing – Parents invitation

A little reminder that parents are invited to visit school from 2.30pm next Friday afternoon 20th September.  This is an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and see your child’s new classroom. Please do not worry if you are unable to join us for any reason. We are endeavouring to keep our website gallery up to date so please take a look at what we have been doing so far.


Our Schools App

The school app along with the weekly Friday newsletter, which is published on our app and website every Friday is our main way of communicating with parents.  If you have not downloaded the App I urge you to do so, this can be downloaded on any mobile device, Apple or Android.  In your app store search for OurSchoolsApp and search for Snaith Primary School.  If you allow notifications and access to your calendar it will also alert you to new news and calendar dates. 

Android devices – we have been notified by the App provider that they currently have an issue affecting app notifications on Android devices.  This is being worked on urgently and are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience caused.  I would like to clarify, that your device is receiving the information but you will not receive an alert/notification.  Until this is resolved, please periodically check the App for news and dates.  We will keep sending a hard copy of the newsletter home on a Friday until this is rectified.


School Council Elections

We will be holding our school council elections next Tuesday and invite any children who would like to stand for class councillor to create a short ‘manifesto’. This should include their name, the qualities they will bring to the role and what they would seek to represent their class for.  Please return this to school by Tuesday morning.


Flu Vaccination – Reception to Year 6

Your child brought home a letter and information leaflet this week regarding the Flu Vaccination (nasal spray) which will be issued to all consenting children on Monday 30th September.  Please return the form to school by Tuesday 17th September either giving your consent or not. 


National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP).

This week children in Reception classes and Year 6 brought home a letter giving information on the NCMP.  The measurement will be undertaken by trained staff at school in a private space away from other pupils (date to be confirmed).  If you are happy with your child being weighed and measured then you do not need to do anything.  If you do not want your child to be weighed and measured please email Jenny Bell at by Friday 25th October.


PTA Meeting

The PTA is holding a meeting on Thursday 19th September and would like to ask any parents or friends of the school who wish to join or help with events to come along at 2pm.