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Snaith Primary School


Newsletter Friday 12th February 2021

Dear Parents,

It’s half term!

I would like to say ‘time to put your feet up’, but I know that is unlikely, so instead I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on all that you and your children have achieved during this half term, to thank you for all you are doing and to wish you, at least some, well deserved relaxation time in the days ahead.

We sincerely hope that by the time we return after the half term ‘break, that we have a clear direction for full school reopening.

I would also like to thank the team here at Snaith Primary for their relentless work over the last half term too. Everyone in the team have played their part including the office team, the catering team, the cleaning team, the support staff in school overseeing the provision for vulnerable children and those of key workers, and the teaching team for the lessons they are posting and feeding back to the children each day.

One thing is certain, as a whole team – and that includes all you, our parents and careers – life is much easier when school is open!


Remote Learning survey

Today all parents should have received an email inviting you to join us in our review of the remote learning provision that we have offered during this latest lockdown.  Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire by clicking on the link attached to the email. We thank you in advance for your time and support as we greatly appreciate your feedback.


Keeping in Touch via Teams

Following the trial we have held over the last two weeks with children in KS2 and the lovely positive feedback we have received from teachers, children and parents, after half term we will be adding a weekly whole class teams meeting for children in reception and KS1 classes. Please see the email we have sent direct to you giving details of the timings of these meetings and the protocols required to ensure we keep everyone safe. We look forward to seeing our Reception and KS1 children on this platform.


Snaith Library

Snaith Library have a number of books called ‘star’ that they are giving away for free. This is a lovely book. If your child would like one


Animals – Lets Go Wild week.

To continue our whole school theme days, on Friday 26th February, we will be holding a theme day focusing on wild animals. As part of this, children will be invited to take part in a Local Authority art competition. We will be posting details of this on Class Dojo at the start of the week beginning 22nd February, including how entries can be sent into school. We would also ask that children retain their work and bring this in ‘when hopefully we open’ so we can put this on display to share and celebrate.


Internet safety day.

This week children were provided with some learning videos and tasks relating to staying safe on line. The Local Authority has also provided some supportive information and links for parents in relation to this. This has been emailed to parents but can also be accessed by clicking on the link below.


Covid Results Telephone Number

If you receive results of a test, please TEXT the school mobile on 07735988369 in order to inform us of the outcome. Please state your child’s name and class in the text message. This is checked periodically.


And finally – in honour of the great job you are doing, and in acknowledgement that the best memories don’t always come from the most extravagant times, but more from the many little things.

I hope you get to make some more lovely memories this holiday!

Kindest Regards

Helen Calpin