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Snaith Primary School

Mrs Agar's Class

Hello and welcome to our class page.

We are a Year 1 / 2 mixed class and are excited for the year ahead.

Let's hope we manage the whole year without anything strange happening again!


Mission Statement

Our mission statement is very important to us. This is a promise each of us has made to make sure our class is the best it can be. 

We always shine in our classroom.

We work hard to achieve our best and are fabulous friends to each other. 



We have P.E every Thursday. Due to the current situation with Covid-19, we ask that you send your child into school already dressed in their P.E kit every Thursday.

Thank you in advance.



We love reading in our class and try and read as much as possible. 

Soon we will be sending your child home with a reading pack. At the moment, we are busy assessing your child's reading level to ensure that we send home a reading packet which is suitable. We will be sending out reading packets soon.

Your children will be regularly assessed throughout the school year and we will decide when it is appropriate for your child to move up a book band.



Every child is set their own individual spellings every week.

At present, we are assessing the children to find where we need begin each child's spelling journey. We will be sending home your child with their own spelling book  shortly.

We continually assess the children throughout the school year to ensure that they are being set spellings which are appropriate. 

Spellings are checked each Monday and will handed out every Wednesday.

It is really important that you practise your spellings throughout the week to help you improve your writing and to achieve your targets.

We apologise for the 2 day wait but due to Covid-19 we have to allow for a period of quarantine before we are allowed to access your children's spelling books.


Our Happy Team

We really work together as a team to make our classroom a very happy and exciting place to work. We all work hard to carry out our monitor jobs with pride, as well as celebrating each other's achievements. 

Mrs Agar and Mrs Gilbert are looking forward to working with our super class.

If you have any concerns, queries or information that you would like to share with us there are several ways that you can share this in the present Covid-19 climate:

Email the school office:


Phone the school office:

01405 860452

Thank you very much.