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Snaith Primary School

Mr Pickering's class

Welcome to our class page!


Welcome to Mr Pickering’s Class! We are a hardworking class who try our best at everything we do. We are a strong unit with great team spirit and we work together to help support each other. 

Class Motto

"Believe in yourself"

Behaviour and rewards system

We are using a warning, warning, timeout system in class this year. If children choose the wrong behaviour, in the first instance they will receive a warning. If they choose the wrong behaviour for a second time, they receive a second warning. Then, finally, if they choose the wrong behaviour for a third time, they will receive a timeout and miss their next playtime to reflect on their behaviour and discuss how we will move forward.

As a reward system, the children are working both individually and as a part of a team. For positive behaviour, manners, politeness, hard work and effort, children can earn tokens that are added to their team token tubes. These are all counted on a Friday across the whole school and the winning token team colour is celebrated in assembly.  As a whole class children are working together to earn marbles in a jam jar. Children can earn marbles for excellent behaviour, effort and manners as a whole class, for example when lining up or sitting in assembly. When the jam jar is full, the whole class will receive a treat.


Homework will be set on a Friday to be completed by the following Friday.

This will include:

One short piece of maths work recapping previous learning 

Two Reading Plus 'reading assignment' sessions of 30mins each per week.  

Spellings will be given on a Friday, to be tested the following Friday.

We also strongly recommend that children also  

- practice their times tables (on paper or on TTRS) 

- practise their spellings (on paper or on spelling Frame)

- read their reading books regularly 


Our PE days this year will be Wednesday and Thursday. We kindly ask that children come to school in red PE shorts or jogging bottoms, a white PE T-shirt and school jumper or cardigan on these days.  

Our Entrance and exit 

To drop off and collect children in my class, please walk down the main school path and then turn right through the car park. Head over to the new block following it round the one way system and my room is the second classroom on the left.