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Snaith Primary School

Monday 4th May

This week’s Theme is ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Hello boys and girls! We hope you have had a lovely weekend. We are now into week 3 of the summer term and hope you are enjoying the activities we have set you so far. It has been lovely to see some of your work sent to our school email. You are all working so hard and we are really proud of how you are getting on! This week we are going to continue on the animal theme. The story we are going to be looking at is THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA.


Below is a list of activities we would like you to complete. Please complete these activities in which ever order you’d prefer and remember you do not have to do them all.


Please begin your week by watching the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXgW9UCgpc8


Please remember: your child’s well-being is the most important thing to us. You may find that they are more inspired some days than other. Some days they might do no tasks. Other days they may wish to do more than one. We also appreciate that many of you are likely to be working and juggling child care. So our message is simple, do what you can and be kind to yourselves too!


If your child would like to share what they have been doing with us please email your photos etc to Snaith.primary2020@gmail.com (you can also email any questions or concerns to the teachers on this)


If you have any other concerns please do contact school on 01405 860452 or on snaith.primary@eastriding.gov.uk



We would like you to imagine you are going to plan a tea party. This could be with your family, friends or with your teddies/dolls/action figures.


Activity 1:

Can you create an invitation to invite your guests to your tea party? Think about what you would put onto the invite. You can decorate your invitation however you would like.

  • Where would it be (garden, living room, or bedroom)?
  • What time would it start?
  • What are you going to be celebrating?


Activity 2:

Can you write a shopping list of the things you would buy if you were going to have a tea party? Can you draw pictures of the items you would buy next to them? Think about how many people you would invite and how much food you might need.



Activity 1:

Can you help the frog get across the rivers by selecting the logs with the real words on them?



Activity 2:

Can you match the sound you hear to the correct alien? Start with recapping over phase 2 first and then move onto phase 3.



Expressive Art and Design

Activity 1:

Can you create your own tiger mask using a range of resources?

You may want to use a paper plate, paper, a cereal box, some fabric or you may want to paint a picture. There is also a template below if you would prefer to use that.


Activity 2:

Can you design a party hat that you would wear to your tea party?



Activity 1:

Can you watch the following video to recap over the 3D shapes?



We would like you to go on a 3D shape hunt around your house/garden. Look out for the following:-

  • Sphere
  • Cube
  • Cone
  • Cuboid
  • Cylinder

Can you write the objects you found that match the 3D shapes?


Activity 2:

Please continue to complete your 5 a day on ‘doodlemaths’. Remember to look out for an extras you may have been assigned

Physical Development

This week we are working on our pencil control.


Activity 1:

If you have a printer can you please print off the Pencil control workbook. You will find the attachment at the bottom of the page. Have a go at doing a couple of pages a day. Trying really hard to follow the pattern and stay in the lines. This is really good for developing your pencil control.


If you haven’t got a printer ask your helper to draw you some patterns on a piece of paper, on the pavement with chalk or using any resource you like. Can you copy neatly over the top of their pattern.


You could also choose your favourite colouring page and see if you can really work carefully on colouring within the lines. This is all good practise for building up your lovely neat letter formation.

Understanding of the World

Listen and watch the story ‘Tree is a plant’



Activity 1:

In your garden or maybe on your daily walk can you collect some different leaves. You may want to stick these in your exercise book. Using the leaf identification sheet, which is attached at the bottom of this page, can you identify the leaves that you have found.


Activity 2:

You might want to plant an apple seed in the garden like they did in the story. You could make a little sign to identify where you have planted it. Don’t forget to water it regularly and look carefully for any changes that you may see. I wonder if seeds from other fruits can grow into trees. Maybe this is something you would like to find out and let us know by emailing school.


Activity 3:

There are many different leaves around on the ground and on trees but I wonder if leaves are alive and can they actually breathe. Here is an experiment for you to try to see if you can identify if leaves breathe. You may want to take some pictures of yourself doing the experiment and include them in your exercise book or send them into school for us to see.


You will need:

  • Large bowl. Glass is better so you can see through it.
  • Lukewarm water
  • A leaf picked directly from a tree (Not found on the ground)
  • Stone/rock
  • Place your leaf in a bowl of lukewarm water with a rock on top so that it is completely under the water.


  • Wait for a couple of hours, you may want to do some of your other activities while you wait.


  • Have a look. What can you see?


  • Can you see small bubbles coming from the leaf. You may want to use a magnify glass to see them.


  • What do these small bubbles mean?


  • Just like us leaves breathe. If you went under water and breathed you would see little bubbles popping up to the surface.




Activity 1:

Throughout the week I want you to do a kind thing for somebody in your house to make them feel happy and loved. There are lots of things that you can do but here are some ideas if you are not sure:

You could tidy your room

Give someone a big hug

Play a game with your sister/brother

Play with the dog

Set the table

Make someone a lovely picture

Make a card for someone

Help with jobs in the house

Sort and tidy your toys

Clean out your pet.

Brush your mum’s hair for her.

Help dad wash his car.

Help little brothers/ sisters.

Listen to instructions


There are lots of things you could do.

When you have done something kind I want you to think about:


How did it make you feel inside?

How did it make the other person feel?

How could you see physically that the other person was happy?

Why did you choose that person?


In your exercise book I want you to draw a picture of the people in your house and write one sentence about what you did to make them happy