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Snaith Primary School

Monday 18th May

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A message from your teachers: Hello boys and girls

We are in the last week of home schooling before the half term holidays. I hope you have enjoyed our dinosaur topic so far. We have had so much fun planning the activities for you to do and cannot wait to see any pictures of the work you have done so don’t forget to send them into school via the school’s Gmail account. 

Have fun this week and remember the activities can be done in any order that you like. Enjoy your half term holiday and hope to see you all soon!

Best wishes Mrs McDermott and Miss Whyley


This week’s book focus is ‘Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs go to school’!!


Before completing the activities can you listen to the story ‘Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs go to school’




Activity 1:

Can you design your own dinosaur school where dinosaurs go to learn?

Draw a picture of your dinosaur school in your green exercise book. You may want to include things such as a dinosaur swamp for them to practise their swimming, a raahing classroom to practise their raahs,


Label your picture with he different rooms you have invented in your dinosaur school.


Write sentences explaining what your dinosaur school is like and what types of lessons they do at dinosaur school. Don’t forget capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Try and write more than 1 sentence.


You might want to watch this for some ideas.




There are some naughty dinosaurs in these stories so hope you enjoy listening to them.


Activity 2:

Can you design your own dinosaur? You will find a sheet at the bottom of this page to do it on. Can you think of a name for your dinosaur and label your picture. You might want to write about where he lives, how old he is, what is likes to eat etc.


Activity 1:

Don’t forget to sing up free to Oxford Owl you can find lots of interactive books for your child to read with activities and questions to go with them. There are different levels for you to choose so you can select the one that you think is most suitable for your child.


Activity 2:

Remember to regularly go through your sound book and words so that you are able to say them confidently.


Activity 3:

Here are some phonic games you might want to play:



Can you read the words on the dinosaur eggs.  Select the sounds that you think you might need some more practise with reading.



Read the high frequency words. How many can you get right.



Can you read the silly questions and answer the if it is yes or no.

Expressive Art and Design

Activity 1:

Can you make salt dough Dinosaur bones.

You will need: 1 cup of salt

                           2 cups of flour

                          3/4 cup of water

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl, make them into different shaped bones or you may want to make a fossil by making a flattened round circle and pushing a shape of a toy dinosaur or any other toy into it to leave a print.

Bake in the over at 200 degrees until the salt dough is dry.

You can then decorate your fossils or bones however you like.


You might want to hide your bones and fossils around the garden and go on an archaeological dig.


Activity 2:

Can you make your own name dinosaur using your handprint? See picture below to give you an idea.



Communication and Language

Activity 1: DIY Telephone

Can you make your own telephone?

  • Plastic Cups
  • String or Rope
  • Paint for Decoration


All you need to do is paint or decorate two plastic cups. With help poke a hole in each of them, and thread string through the bottom. You can experiment with various speaking activities but we recommend the old school game of telephone where you whisper to each other and pass the message around.


Activity 2:

With your family can you play the game ‘Simon Says’?

See how good your listening skills are.

Elect someone to be ‘Simon’. Simon will call out commands.  If Simon begins the sentence by saying “Simon says…” then everyone is required to do the action.  If he does not begin with “Simon says…” then the players are not allowed to do the action.


Activity 1:

Please continue to complete your 5 a day on ‘doodlemaths’. Remember to look out for any extras you may have been assigned.


Activity 2: Robot Adding

Can you correctly match the robots to the right answer? Use the number line at the bottom to help you. Remember to count on and jump along the line.



Activity 3: Dinosaur Subtraction

See how many subtraction sums you can get right. When starting the game select subtraction for problem type and the ‘4-2=’ problem format. Once you have clicked next, choose which numbers you feel are most appropriate and ensure the equal sign placement is at the end of the number sentence.



Understanding the World

Activity 1: Volcano Eruption

You will need:

  • An empty water bottle ( we used a 500ml one )
  • Something to make the volcano with. (you could use the following: old modelling clay, play dough, or use soil or sand if doing it outside or make a papier-mache version. If you do not have any of the following, there is also a template of a volcano to cut out and put around your bottle)
  • 2 spoonful’s of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda )
  • 1 spoonful washing up liquid
  • a few drops of red and yellow food colouring
  • 30 ml vinegar


Mould your volcano around the water bottle. If doing it in the kitchen maybe put it in a baking tray to catch the mess. You can make the volcano as simple or as fancy as you like!

Add everything except the vinegar to the water bottle.

Stand back, get ready……add the vinegar and watch the eruption! If it doesn’t work so well add a bit more washing up liquid and vinegar.




Activity 1: What Makes You happy?

Below, attached under documents is an activity sheet for you to have a think about. In a circle time, can you talk with your families about things that make you happy? You may want to make a list or draw a picture of these things. Talk about when and why they make you happy.

Physical Development

Activity 1:

Below there is a PowerPoint presentation with a song for you to learn on it. The song is called ‘You’re a Dinosaur and You Know It’.  Can you have a go at learning it and come up with your own actions? You might want to perform the song to your family or even record yourself and sent it to a family member or to our school email.