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Snaith Primary School

Monday 11th May

A message from you teachers:

Hello boys and girls

We hope you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend enjoying the sun and celebrating VE day with your families. We are now into week 4 of the Summer term.

We hope you are still enjoying all of the different activities that we are setting you each week. You are all doing an incredible job both on your weekly activities and on Doodlemaths too! Keep up the hard work boys and girls and keep smiling!

This week we are heading back 65 million years! Our topic is….. DINOSAURS!!!!

 The story we are going to be looking at this week is ‘Dinosaur Roar!’

Remember, we love seeing all of the fantastic things you have been up to. If you would like to send us any photographs of your work please send them to: snaith.primary2020@gmail.com

Many thank

Mrs McDermott and Miss Whyley

Please start by watching the following video of ‘Dinosaur Roar’ (you may want to watch it more than once)

See if you can join in with any of the Makaton. 



Activity 1:

Once you have watched the story ‘Dinosaur Roar’ have a look at all of the different kinds of dinosaurs you see. In your exercise books or on a piece of paper, see if you can draw your favourite dinosaur from the story.

After you have drawn your dinosaur, can you think of 8 different words to describe it? (It might be scary, bumpy, loud, or huge.) If you can think of more than 8 that would be fantastic!


Activity 2:

Choose your favourite dinosaur (it doesn’t have to be from the story). With a family member, can you research this dinosaur and create your own fact book all about it. You might want to make a poster; you might want to make a leaflet or a book. It’s completely up to you how you make it.

There is a website below under ‘Understanding the World and Technology’ that will help with your research.


Activity 1:

From your spelling lists and sound books write down some of them onto small pieces of paper. Lay these out flat on the floor. With your grown up you are going to play a game of ‘Splat’. Your grown up will shout out one of the words or sounds and you have to splat the word or sound as fast as you can. Everyone can play this game so you might want to make it a competition between you and your family.


Expressive Art and Design

Activity 1:

Can you create a skeleton of a dinosaur by using images from the internet or books to help you? You can use a range of resources to help you do this. You might want to use pasta, matchsticks, straws, strips of paper, grass or leaves. It’s completely up to you how you make it. 

Activity 2:

Can you design your own dinosaur egg using whatever materials you like? You may want to paint a picture, use junk modelling, draw it, use natural materials, or use papier Mache. It is completely up to you!




Activity 1:

Research says that a T-Rexs’ footprint measures a whopping 3.3 feet (1 meter). With help from your grown up, measure out this length and use one of your own shoes to count how many shoes you would need to make the whole length of the footprint. There are some photographs below to help you. Write down you findings for the following footprints.

T-Rex: 1m

Sauropod:  1.7 metres

Stegosaurus:  40 centimetres

Activity 2:

Please continue to complete your 5 a day on ‘doodlemaths’. Remember to look out for an extras you may have been assigned



Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Activity 1:

In the story Dinosaur Roar the dinosaurs all feel lots of different emotions. Below is a list of all of the different feelings that are felt. With your family, have a circle time. Select a teddy that can be passed between you so that you know whose turn it is to talk.  Talk about the different feelings and think about a situation where you may have experienced these.

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Cross
  • Excited 
  • Grumpy 

Understanding the World/ Technology

Activity 1:

 Use this website to help you find out lots of interesting facts about DINOSAURS!!

Dinosaur Discovery



Activity 2: Science Experiment: Melting Ice with Salt and Water

You will need the following for this activity:

  • Large container
  • Dinosaurs Toys
  • Stones
  • Sticks
  • Shells


  • Fill your container with water and the objects listed above (if you have them, if not choose your own objects).
  • You can freeze your ice in layers, over the course of a couple of days, adding a few items to the water, placing the container in the freezer, and repeating with another layer when the previous one was frozen. Or you can place it in the freezer overnight but the items may all sink to the bottom.

Set out any of the following assortment of ‘science’ tools for your child to dig their frozen treasures out of the ice: Enjoy!

  • salt
  • syringes
  • turkey baster
  • tweezers
  • bowl of hot water

Physical Development

Activity 1:

Can you have a go at this week’s yoga ‘Tiny the T-Rex’?