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Snaith Primary School

Miss Timney and Mr Clarkson's Class

Welcome to our class page. 

Hello and welcome to our class page. In our class we all shine. We work hard to achieve our best, and are fabulous friends to each other. We have a lot of exciting things happening in our classroom so please take a look.

Our Class

We really work together as a team to make our classroom a very happy and exciting place to work. We all work hard to carry out our monitor jobs with pride, as well as celebrating each other’s achievements.

These are a few of our favourite things


Monitors are people who are given fun jobs to help around the classroom. Each person has a responsibility to keep our learning environment clean, tidy and working effectively. Jobs range from register monitor to book monitors.


Tokens are important part of our behaviour reward system. Children earn them for working hard, been friendly and kind, showing good manners and producing brilliant behaviour. These tokens are collected every week and a winning team is announced. Then every half term the winning term will be given a special prize.

Our Mission Statement

In our class we always try our best.  We make our classroom a welcoming and friendly place.  We look after each other and the things in our school.  We come to school on time and try to be here every day. We are kind and helpful.  We walk calmly and quietly around school.  We always use good manners and listen carefully.

Reading and Homework

Each week Mr Clarkson gives us spellings to be learnt by Monday the following week, when we have our spellings quiz. We also have some fabulous volunteers who change our books and listen to us read so it is very important that we remember to bring our reading packs to school every Monday. These will be changed and sent home again on Tuesday. 

We practise our spellings by looking at the words we have been given to learn, then covering the words up and writing them down before uncovering the words and checking that we have spelt them correctly. We also practise writing our spellings in sentences to make sure we know them confidently. 


Spellings are checked each Monday and sent home on a Tuesday. It is really important that you practise your spellings throughout the week to help you improve your writing and to achieve your targets.  When spellings are tested children who achieve 8/10 or more are given the next set of spellings to learn.  If children score 7 or less they will be re-set these spellings for up to 3 weeks to give them a chance to learn them confidently.  If after 3 weeks these spellings are still proving to be tricky to achieve we will move on and revisit these spellings at a later date.

Handed out: Tuesday

Test: The following Monday


We love reading in our class and try and read as much as possible. Everyone is sent home a book pack each Tuesday and children are encouraged to read at home each evening as part of their homework.

Handed out: Tuesday

Test: The following Monday

Big Maths

Each week we take part in 'Big Maths' challenges.  We complete 2 challenges.  These are the Big Maths Beat That which tests our knowledge of 'learn it's' (rapid recall of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts) and the 'CLIC' challenge which tests our calculation skills.  Each week we will bring home our 'CLIC' and 'Learn it's' tests home so that our parents can see what we need to practise to help us beat our scores next time.  Although we do not set specific Maths homework tasks we do encourage children to practise their 'learn it's' and 'CLIC' challenges throughout the week. 

P.E Days

Our class P.E days are Monday and Tuesday, however some children may need to wear their P.E kits during shine time or during clubs so we ask that P.E kits are left in school during term time. They will be sent home at the end of each half term.