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Snaith Primary School

Miss Jackson's Class

A huge welcome to our class

where we reach for the stars!  

We are:

R esponsible

E nthusiastic

S ensible

P unctual

E nergetic

C onsiderate

T rustworthy

In year five we set an example through being respectful: to our classmates, all staff and school equipment. Most importantly, we respect ourselves and our learning. Visitors, helpers and new faces are always greeted with a friendly, polite smile and a positive, responsible attitude.During this year, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Henderson will be helping to support the children’s learning and development; both in the classroom and during interventions across the year.

   As a class, we agree together a related target for us all to achieve; this will be updated, alongside children’s personal targets, on a half-termly basis.  Children receive tokens throughout  school based on their politeness, kindness and hard work. Class prizes and superstar certificates will be also awarded for exceptional attitudes and outstanding pieces of work.

In our class we are working on taking responsibility for organising ourselves, where:

  • Class spellings are given out on a Friday, with lists updated on a weekly basis. Please can you make sure children bring their spelling book in every day, ready for their tests.

  • Any English and Maths homework will be set on Friday with the expectation that it will be returned by the following week.    

  • Children are welcome to bring in their own reading books from home but it will be their own responsibility to look after them within the classroom. We also have plenty of books which children are encouraged to read and enjoy within school! Please speak to Miss Jackson if you would like any reading recommendations!

  •  Full P.E kits are required on Mondays and Thursdays but we kindly ask that they remain in school throughout the school week.

This webpage reflects our love for learning in a fun, creative and inclusive manner and will be updated regularly with our ‘wonderful work’:

Autumn Term Topic

Our Autumn Term topic is Scandinavian Scoundrels.

This topic provides the opportunity for children to learn in depth about Vikings. Specifically lessons will centre around where they came from, why they came and how they got here.

A fantastic trip to York for a Jorvik and DIG workshop will help children understand the Vikings impressive travel methods, their unique homes and settlements and battle techniques. 

Spring Term Topic

Our Spring Term topic is Mother Earth.

This topic will give children the chance to learn all about our planet and how to be more eco-friendly. We will focus on different sources of energy and have a debate about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Pollution and plastic waste will be researched and children will think about how to reduce this. There are plenty of writing opportunities for children including descriptions of how landscapes have changed over time, case studies on the range of natural disasters that have happened in the world and a guide on how to survive using Bear Grylls as an example.

Summer Term Topic

Our final topic of the year is Abomination.

This topic is very science orientated and will focus specifically on forces and materials using the atomic bomb as a stimulus. Children will have the opportunity to conduct a range of experiments learning about fair testing and writing up reports in a scientific format.

Professor Brainstorm will be visiting school to showcase some exciting experiments and deepen the children’s understanding of these scientific topics.