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Snaith Primary School

Miss Jackson's Class

A huge welcome to our class

where we reach for the stars!  

We are:

R esponsible

E nthusiastic

S ensible

P unctual

E nergetic

C onsiderate

T rustworthy

Welcome to Year 6, where we set an example through being respectful: to our classmates, all staff and school equipment. Most importantly, we respect ourselves and enhancing our learning. Visitors, helpers and new faces are always greeted with a friendly, polite smile and a positive, responsible attitude!

During this year, Mrs McEnroe and Mrs Knight will be helping to support the children’s learning and development; both in the classroom and during interventions across the school day. Mrs Dickens (our school ELSA) will also be working closely with members of our class to provide additional emotional and social support -and plenty of fun games!

   As a class, we agree together a related target for us all to achieve; this will be updated, alongside children’s personal targets, on a half-termly basis.  Children receive tokens throughout our school based on their politeness, kindness and hard work. Class prizes and superstar certificates will be also awarded for exceptional attitudes and outstanding pieces of work.

In our class we are working on taking responsibility for organising ourselves, where:

  • Class spelling lists are updated on a weekly basis online. Please can you make sure children have practised their spellings daily, all ready for their test every friday!

  • Any English and Maths homework will be set on Friday with the expectation that it will be returned the following week.  Children will be assigned their homework digitally to complete on one of the following platforms:

  1. Doodle Maths and English
  2. Reading Plus
  3. Any additional or alternative homework will be set on Friday with the expectation that it will be returned the following week. 
  • Our PE day this year is Tuesday. We kindly ask that children come to school in PE shorts or jogging bottoms, PE T-shirt and a school jumper or cardigan. Please could children always have a spare pair of trainers at school with them in a drawstring bag. 

Lesson start and end times are 9:00 am to 3:30 pm:

Our Entrance and exit 

Children will enter the main school gate and immediately turn left through the 'tractor gate'. Then they will enter the school building through the year 5/6 door near my classroom. At the end of the day children will leave through the same door. Parents of children in my class should stand on the yellow spots along the adventure play then exit the playground through the gate near the scooter shed.

Our Autumn Topic -Ruler's and Raiders:

  • During this topic, the children are transported back in time to the Anglo Saxon and Viking era. They will learn about the struggle for power during this period and find out details of some of the famous battles that occurred. By the end of the term, the children will know what life was like for an Anglo Saxon and Viking and how this has impacted our lives today. 

This webpage reflects our love for learning in a fun, creative and inclusive manner and will be updated regularly with our ‘wonderful work’: