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Snaith Primary School

Medium Term Plans

Take a look at what we are learning about in Years 3 and 4 this year:

Autumn Term - Roarsome Rivers and Mystical Mountains

In the first term, we will begin with a short whole-school project based on Georges Seurat's painting 'Bathers at Asnieres'. This will involve fabulous painting, creative writing and some French investigations too! Following this mini topic, we will get stuck in to our main topic for the Autumn, where we will find out all about mountains and rivers, as well as learning about changes of states of matter and the water cycle. Our class text, 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' will also inspire us to think more creatively about the geography of magical lands and to develop some super creative writing. We will also use this text to help us analyse film and TV musical scores and to inspire our own musical compositions to fit the moods of different parts of the story. Closer to Christmas, we will create a stunning textiles project for Design and Technology!

Spring Term - Coming at You With Force!

In the Spring Term, we will be learning about a variety of powerful forces! We will find out about the force of the Roman Army and the unstoppable expansion of the Roman Empire. This will help us to learn more about the location of key countries and cities across Europe, as well as the key human and physical geographical features of this part of the world, including the famous volcano, Mount Vesuvius, and its forceful destruction of Pompeii in AD79. Our further historical investigations will include a focus on the invasion of Britain, what life was like at the time and the legacy left for us today by the Romans.  We will expand our work on forces to look at forces and magnets in Science, helping us to create our own mechanical Roman catapults in Design and Technology. Our art this term will focus on collage and printing, inspired by the artists Kurt Schwitters and Pablo Picasso.

Summer Term - Magical Beasts and How to Cook Them!

Towards the end of the year, we are looking forward to being inspired by our class text, 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'! In 'Herbology', we will learn about a variety of plants (some friendly and not-so-friendly!), whilst in 'Care of Magical Creatures', we will discover a variety of different weird and wonderful animals, including humans! Our work in Science will also inspire us to create animal sculpture in Art, encouraged by the work of sculptor, Nick Mackman. Through the Quidditch World Cup, we will find out about the location of different places around the world. In music, we will discover the amazing work of John Williams and learn more about a traditional orchestra, whilst in Art, we will create some amazing digital artwork, inspired by Richard Hamilton. The second half of our topic will focus in on 'Transfiguration' and 'Potions', where we will transform ingredients into delicious recipes fit for any witch or wizard!