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Snaith Primary School


At Snaith Primary School we use a range of interventions to accelerate progress and ensure all children are fully supported in their learning, social and emotional development.  Before children begin an intervention a baseline assessment is completed and the progress of children is monitored throughout the intervention to ensure the maximum impact is achieved. Children's views are also gathered at the beginning and end of interventions to monitor the impact achieved on confidence and attitude towards the target subject.

Interventions used include:


Teodoerescu - 'Write from the start’

The ability to produce fluent, legible handwriting with ease is something that affects attainment in most areas of the curriculum, yet many children continue to struggle with this vital skill.  This programme offers an approach based on holistic principles to develop the muscles in the hand so that children gain the necessary control to produce letter forms.  Alongside this they develop the perceptual skills required to orientate and organize letters and words.

Speed up

In just eight weekly sessions, Speed Up! provides a multi-sensory course of help for any child aged 8-13 whose handwriting is illegible, slow or lacking in fluency. Developed by a leading paediatric occupational therapist and designed specifically for older children struggling with handwriting, Speed Up! gets to the root of writing difficulties by developing kinaesthetic awareness through multi-sensory activity and exercise. 


Fresh start

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start is a phonics intervention especially designed for struggling readers at Key Stage 2.  It follows on from the Read, Write, Inc. phonics programme used throughout Key Stage 1 providing consistancy and opportunity for consolidation where necessary.  This programme aims to get children reading and writing fluently in 33 lessons.  It engages older children with age-appropriate comic strips, quizzes, amusing stories and edgy non-fiction texts.  The use of simple and effective spelling strategies also increases confidence when writing. 

Write away together

Write Away Together is based on a dialogue between a child and adult about a piece of independent writing.   The aim of the dialogue is to help the child understand how they can improve their work at text, sentence and word level and to embed strategies that will improve children's independent writing.  The model Praise, Improve, Plan underpins Write Away Together.   Each session is based on a piece of writing done in the class, which is then celebrated and improved. The writer is then prepared to continue the writing independently, where appropriate.


  • Precision teaching

Social and Emotional

  • Time to Talk
  • Friendship group
  • Socially Speaking
  • PNS SEAL 'silver book'
  • Circle of Friends
  • ELSA


  • Numicon
  • First class at number
  • Success at Arithmetic


  • Phonics (RWI)
  • Rocking Readers
  • Precision Teaching
  • 1 to 1 RWI tutoring