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Snaith Primary School

Impact of Sports Premium 2016/17


In 2016/17 190 children were involved in inter school competition and all children from Y1 to Y6 were involved in intra school. Further to this all children experience high quality and wide ranging sporting opportunities and skills led sessions.  All children from Y1 onwards had the opportunity to take part in lunchtime and afterschool sporting clubs. The uptake of these, over the course of the year, was 85% of children from in each year group Y1-Y6.


In addition to the above, school has seen a significant number of children request and run their own sporting clubs for younger children. This is something we will continue to build on and facilitate in 2017/18.



What we are provided


Target Sport/s

Target age group



South Hunsley School Sports Partnership


Football, dodgeball, cricket, indoor athletics, swimming, bench-ball, rounders’, cross country, tri-golf.

Whole School

Inter-school competitions

CPD (courses for staff) 

No of competitions entered.

L1 = 14

L2 = 10

No of children involved = 190

SSCo Meetings at South Hunsley School


Inter Competitions

Whole School

Supply Cover for SSCO

Planning Meetings attended and an extensive Sporting Calendar organised.


The employment of qualified specialists in PE


To enhance pupil progress as a result of high quality teaching. All staff receive quality CPD from skilled qualified PE coach.

Increased participation in after school sports clubs

Whole School


Specialist employed. Children in receipt of high quality skills development.


Cricket delivered by Ross from Yorkshire Cricket Club



All Y3/4

Cover experts expenses

Cricket delivered by a Yorkshire County Cricket expert

(5 sessions)


Children went on to compete in the Drax cup. 


OAA Trailer

Outdoor Adventure Skills Workshop


Outdoor Adventure

Year 6

Training Workshop for pupils and after school with all staff

Year 6 children – improved team work skills.

All staff trained in the use of OAA trailer, and large scale outdoor problem solving challenges built into planning for 2017-18

Sports Equipment in Hall checked for safety.


Large apparatus in hall

Whole School

Improve and maintain equipment for PE lessons

Equipment replaced and ensuring sport can be undertaken safely.  

Stickers and Medals for Sports Day


Intra school Competition

Whole School

Intra school competition

All children received personal achievement rewards for their , participation.  

1 child also received the partnership sports personality of the year award for their high level of commitment to sport.

Swimming Transport



Year 3 /4

Swimming sessions

 In Y3 100% of children who passed Level A or L1,

57% passed L2 etc

Of the 8 children from Y4 who did not pass L2 in the previous year, 50% passed L2.

Cottingham School Transport


Cross Country

Year 3 / 4/5/6

Level 1 and 2 competition

Following 75% of KS2 taking part in cross

20 children were selected to take part in L1 competition and  12 children to L2.

1 child was selected to represent the Local authority in the regional final finishing in the top 10.

 Cottingham School Transport



Year 3

Level 2 competition

All Year 3 children -

43 took part.

Goole Tennis Club




Year 3 /4

Coaching and competition


42 children took part.


Rounders’ Tournament





To transport girls / boys team to Rawcliffe Bridge Primary School

20 children

Entering competition

Selby Cricket Ground



Drax under 9’s

cricket tournament

Year 3 /4

To transport girls/boys cricket team to all day festival

plus 1 day supply cover

8 children selected to take part – following in school coaching and competition.

Sports Hall Athletics



Indoor Athletics

Year 4 & 6

Bus transport to South Hunsley School

competition (Level 2)

24 children taking part in the competition, selected following in school club provision.

Beverley Cricket Ground Transport


East Riding Finals

Year 5/6 boys

To transport boys cricket team to all day festival

L2 competition 8 children taking part.

Beverley Cricket Ground Transport


East Riding Finals

Year 5/6 girls

To transport girls cricket team to all day festival

L2 competition 8 children taking part.

Swimming Gala at Goole Leisure Centre




Year 4/5/6

To transport team to Goole Leisure Centre

12 children representing the school.

Sports Equipment For Play Agents at

Play Times



Whole School

To be used for playtimes

Active playtimes.

Children engaged in regular physical activity at playtimes. Pupil play leaders actively modelling and promoting this.

Replacing Tired Sports Equipment

e.g. balls, hoops, PE mats etc.


All sports

Whole School

To be used during PE lessons and clubs


High quality equipment to ensure first class sporting provision.

Boot Camp

Fun Camp


Outdoor Challenges

YR & Y2

Morning of physical and mental challenges

Children’s experience of sport and activities offered broadened, engaging more children in alternative sporting provision and activity.

To broaden the experience of a range of sports and activities offered

To broaden the experience of a range of sports and activities offered




Year 5

Morning of learning a new skill

Skate Park


Scootering and skateboarding

Year 3/4

Morning of physical activity

Cover for sport co-ordinator to organise sports events on and off site



Whole school

Time to organise sport

PE policy, extra-curricular opportunities for all pupils established

Cover for staff at inter-school Competition


Football, cricket, dodgeball, indoor athletics, benchball, uni-hoc, rounders, tag rugby, swimming

Whole school

KS1 + KS2 Sports Days

Level 2 + level 3 competitions

East Riding Finals

% of children taking part in

inter-school sports at levels 1, = 72%

level 2 = 53%

level 3 = 15%