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Snaith Primary School

Home Learning - Autumn Term 2020


Hello and welcome to the Reception Class Home Learning page where you can find information on activities you can do with your child should you find yourself having to isolate at home.  Each week we will upload a selection of topic based activities that reflect those that will be taught in class, you will also find links to the relevant Read, Write Inc lessons and information on the element of maths we are focusing on to support our 'Mastery of Maths' approach.  In addition to the activities each week please remember that learning through play is essential in the early years and it is expected that children will spend time each day making their own choices about how they spend their time using the play equipment on offer.  

Other on going activities that are invaluable to support learning in YR include:

Name practice

Fine motor activities - play dough (can you make balls, sausages, worms, snails...) sticker and maze activity books, threading, dot to dots, threading cereal onto spaghetti etc.

Developing independent skills including using a knife and fork, fastening and unfastening buttons, putting on coats and managing zips, managing self care in the toilet...

Creating with a purpose - can your child make something using dough, lego, duplo etc?  

Make a card to cheer someone up!

Get busy in the kitchen and cook or bake something, there is a wealth of learning when measuring out ingredients, looking at changes that happen as it is mixed and heated and sharing out the mixture.

Snuggle up and enjoy a story - what does your child think will happen next?  Who is their favourite character and why?

Please take care and stay safe, if he can offer support in any way please be sure to contact the school office.

Sending all our best wishes from the YR Team