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Snaith Primary School

Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday team! 

I hope you're all ok and are keeping safe.

Week 1 ✅ (well nearly)  - well done everyone!

Hope the food challenge went well... have a look below at Mr C’s pic collages! 😋😋😋

Friday’s task:

Since it’s Friday (our PE day), we have made today’s task a PE challenge.

Have a go at Joe Wicks’s morning work out… here is yesterday’s in case you can’t find Friday’s stream on YouTube.


Also have a go at a just dance video on YouTube. Here is one of my faves (Waka Waka) and Old Town Road. Feel free to pick another!




In addition to this, there are your 7 a-day tasks waiting to be completed on Doodle Maths and Doodle English.  Plus your daily extra task, which is maths today. Just log in and get busy... 

Also, if you wish, log in to ttrockstars and earn lots of coins...

Have a fab day!

Miss Howson :-)