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Snaith Primary School

Friday 27th March

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Hope you all made some tasty meals yesterday, helping your families out. Mr C is documenting his meals so look out for those on his page! 

Spelling Test - Please get someone to test you on your weekly spellings (see 23/3/20) and record your score in your spelling books. Unfortunately T.C and I can't reward you for top marks, but they'll be some prizes handed out when we're back in school for sure! 

Main Task - Since it’s Friday, and you've been spending alot of time indoors, we have made today’s task a PE challenge!!!

  • Have a go at a Joe Wicks’s 5 minute work out… or...
  •  Have a go at a just dance video on YouTube (my personal fave is Waka Waka) 

Answers from Yesterday's Guided Reading: Please mark your answers as honestly as possible. Use your common sense if it is similar to my example. Remember its all in the detail!!!

  1. 'Mr Fix It' probably "rolled their names very loudly" to make a point at telling passers by that they were Mrs Bankole's 'children' and to remind Sade and Femi of their new identities 
  2.  " Sade had to restrain herself from flinching" / " She saw Femi jolt, gritting his teeth" 
  3. Personification: "quick somersault of his hand" / simile: " slither like a snake" / Metaphor: "Silent dance" 
  4. I think it shows that he is scrunching his face up, raising his eyebrows, creasing his forehead etc 
  5. I think it is similar because the children have to pass an x-ray through security and then are greeted with shops to look around; " once past the rod and X-ray" " pointing to the shops" / Or... No I do not think it is similar because the shops there sell baby crocodiles with "skins hanging down the side" (As long as you have justified your opinion with a quote you get the 2 marks!)
  6. I think Sade trys to hide the fact she is crying in the toilet because she doesn't want to draw attention to herself. This is because someone might ask if she is okay and she will have to lie to them, despite the fact that she is being smuggled out of the country illegally. She might also not want to worry her younger brother or disappoint Mrs Bankole, who is clearly quite stressed with this journey. 
  7. I think the phrase " slipping away from her fingers" describes how Femi is slowly becoming more distant and closed-off from his sister. He isn't asking her for help or opening up about how he is feeling, so she feels disconnected from him. 
  • Doodle - I have set the following tasks, to be completed over the next coming days: 

    1) English - "Converting nouns or adjectives into verbs using suffixes [for example, –ate; –ise; –ify]"

    2) Maths  -
    Ordering negative numbers

Have a lovely weekend guys! Hope this sunshine continues!!! 

Miss Jackson

P.S - Just for J.R... Remember the Newsround quiz! You'll have to compete against your families this week haha