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Snaith Primary School

Friday 20th March

We hope you enjoyed your reading comprehension yesterday.

Here are the answers:

Year 1:

1 – Jam

2 – Rice

3 – with lots of spice

4 – We wonder what you like to eat and why?!

5 – Examples:

  • Cheese: please, tease, sneeze
  • Jam: ham, spam, lamb
  • Toast: roast, coast, most
  • Fish: dish, wish, bish
  • Fruit: loot, root, brute


Year 2:

1 – Yorkshire

2 – Owen Hotpants

3 – Jockey

4 – 35 horses

5 – Hot chocolate

6 – Sunshine stakes

7 – He says it is the care and attention he gives the horses

8 – It is used for injured horses can exercise and regain their strength and health.


Today your task is to help Augustus Gloop to learn about healthy eating!

Watch the powerpoint ‘healthy eating’ and use the information to help you design a healthy meal for Augustus Gloop.

Year 1 – Draw a healthy meal in your book and label it.

Year 2 – Create a recipe card for your healthy meal in your blue book, this could include a picture as well as commands to instruct Augustus.


Also can Year 1- Spend at least 10 minutes practising your phonics athttps://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/alien-escape?phase=3

And Year 2 - Spend at least 10 minutes practising your times table rock star challenges at:  https://ttrockstars.com/