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Snaith Primary School

Bouncy sounds (short sounds)

As part of the 'Read, Write, Inc' phonics programme each sound has a saying to help us remember the correct sound i.e. mmmmmountain; sssssssssnake (indicated in blue below) and a saying to help us remember how to form the letters correctly i.e. Maisie, mountain, mountain; slither down the snake (indicated in italics below).

Make the sound as short as possible avoiding uh at the end of the sound: 

- t-t-t tower (tick tongue behind the teeth - unvoiced) - Down the tower, across the tower

- p-p-p pirate (make distinctive p with lips - unvoiced) - Down the plait, up and over the pirate's face

- k-k-k kangaroo (make sharp click at back of throat) - Down the kangaroo's body, tail and leg

- c-c-c caterpillar (as above) - Curl round the caterpillar

- h-h-h horse (say h as you breathe sharply out - unvoiced) - Down the horse's head to his hooves and up over his back

ch - The caterpillar's hairs make the horse sneeze ch-ch-ch (make a short sneezing sound) - Curl round the caterpillar, then down the horse’s head, to his hooves and up over his back

- x-x-x exercise (say a sharp c and add s - unvoiced)- Cross down the arm and leg and cross the other way                                   

You might find it harder to avoid saying uh at the end of these bouncy sounds.

- d-d-d dinosaur (tap tongue behind the teeth) - Round the dinosaur's bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet

- g-g-g girl (make soft sound in throat) - Round the girl's face, down her hair and give her a curl

- b-b-b boot (make a short, strong b with lips) - Down to the heel, up and over the toe

- j-j-j Jack-in-the-box (push lips forward) - Down his body, curl and dot

- y-y-y yak (keep edges of tongue against teeth) - Down a horn, up a horn and under the yak's head

- w-w-w worm (keep lips tightly pursed) - Down, up, down, up the worm

qu - qu-qu-qu queen (keep lips pursed as you say cw- unvoiced) - Round the queen's head, up to her crown, down her hair and curl

Please do not hesitate to ask any of our friendly team if you have any questions or would like some help!