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Snaith Primary School

Snaith Olympics

We all enjoyed a fantastic day holding our very own Snaith Olmpyics.

Each Shine Time group was allocated a country to represent. We then used our Geography skills to use globes, atlases, books, ipads and laptops to research information and facts about the country our Shine Team was to represent. The following week we had our fantastic Olympic games.

“ We had a really fun time and I learnt a lot about Germany”   Year 5

“It was fun, we made a flag.”  Reception


I was in Team GB and I thought I knew all about Great Briton but by researching I learnt more information. The games were really good with lots of different activities. “  Year 6


Using the ipads to find information was really interesting.”  Year 4

“I thought it was good to find out the capital city and the different food.”  Year 2


“ I liked being in our Shine Time groups because I was with my sister. We had lots of fun”  Year 4

“ I liked collected the points and running to the office staff, hoping we might win.”  Year 5


“Really good fun. I liked it all and learnt lots.”  Year 3

It was funny when we all fell over, my friends helped us”  Year 1


We got a pack of information about Italy and had to find the answers to questions about Italy and draw some pictures. I worked with my friend, it was great.”  Year 5

Everybody cheered for each other”  Year 1


I liked the research best and I did some more at home with my Dad.”  Year 4

“It was great because we all worked as a team and helped each other”  Year 2

Great! Can we do it again next year?”  Year 3