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Snaith Primary School

Reading and Kindles

We are in the process of reviewing some of our reading books and reading procedures. As part of this we are looking at what children choose to read. 

Each day children have 15 minutes reading time after their lunch. We have had a number children asking if they can bring their Kindles into school. This brings a number of issues such as keeping these safe in school (they will be kept in the teachers desk until reading time) and pressure to have a Kindle, but also brings large benefits, such as proven research this encourages positive reading habits and children having far wider access to good quality reading materials.

We want to encourage reading in the very best ways possible, so we would really appreciate the views of      parents on this one! If you have no strong feelings either way, you do not need to return the slip below, but if you have reasons strongly for or against us allowing children to have kindles in school, could you please comment and return the slip to school next week.

We will update you regarding this decision!