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Snaith Primary School

Jonathan Newman Award

This is one of the most special awards you can achieve in our school! It is also often called “The Sunshine Smile Award”!

Jonathan used to be a pupil at our school some years ago, but very sadly died of Meningitis whilst part of our school. Everyone remembered him for his happy smile and positive attitude to life.

Jonathan’s parents and the school wanted a very special way to remember Jonathan, and came up with the idea of giving an award to one child in each class each term– and this child is chosen for their “Sunshine Approach” to school life. This award is passed on to a new child each term.

We have a special ceremony to present the awards each term and everyone joins in the special song “Have you got the Sunshine Smile?” It is one of our favourite assemblies!

  • Spring 2012

    Easter J Newman 2012.JPG
    Spring 2012
  • Xmas 2013

    Xmas 2013.jpg
    Xmas 2013
  • Summer 2014

    Summer 2014
  • December 2014

    December 2014
  • Spring 2015

    J Newman.JPG
    Spring 2015
  • Summer 2015

    Summer 2015