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Snaith Primary School

W/B 23/11/2020

Reception Class Home Learning Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

A big hello from the Snaith Reception team, we hope that you are keeping safe and well and look forward to seeing you back in class soon.  We have noticed how dark it is getting outside so this week our learning will be focussed on the night time and the different animals that come out at night.  Have fun completing the learning activities below 😊

We will be using our good concentrating skills to listen to the story ‘The Night Box’ by   this week, before listening to it on the link below, can you draw the things you would put into a ‘night box’ using the template below.  Use your sounds to label the things you would put inside the box.  Did you put any of the things into your box that the little boy finds in his?


Can you use your phonic knowledge to write the names of the nocturnal animals shown on the sorting worksheet below?

Watch this video clip and power point presentation attached below about nocturnal animals, can you write an information sentence about one of them? 


Get creative and draw, paint or collage a picture of your favourite nocturnal animal

Use your fine motor skills to create a hedgehog with dough or clay, can you add tiny pieces of spaghetti to make the spikes?

Phonics this week:

We have four new sounds for you to learn this week.  The guidance below is from the Read Write Inc website which helps to teach the children how to correctly pronounce speed sounds and how to write them.

In phonics we will review the speed sounds and red words we already know. These are: m, a, s, d, t, I, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, r, j, v.

Red words: I, my, to, the, go

Our new sounds this week are ‘y,w,z and x’.  Please complete one sound a day and revisit sounds all four sounds on Friday. You could play different phonics games such as finding objects around your home that begin with that sound. You could put all of the sounds onto post it notes and ask your child to retrieve the sound you shout out. Finally you could help your child write the sound in different ways, that could be in the air, using their finger, with water on the ground, using chalks or on a piece of paper.

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/UXBfmhvv/gbvnC9KO  y

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/mZiIEkGQ/JR4thoJR  w

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/mZiIEkGQ/JR4thoJR  z

https://schools.ruthmiskin.com/training/view/GOhArK4V/xIiMEuwO  x

Please continue to practise your letter formation at home, worksheets can be found below if required.

Here are some words that can be ‘fred talked’ (sounded out) using the letter sounds covered this week.  Can your child hear the full word by blending the sounds together?  Perhaps they can write them as you fred talk them:

y-e-s      y-a-p      w-i-g      w-e-b    b-u-zz    f-i-zz



This week we will be exploring ordering and partitioning numbers to five (or beyond when relevant). 

Watch the following episode of number blocks and then ask your child to write the numbers to 5 on post it notes and stick them in the correct order.  Can they make their own number blocks using lego or duplo and put them in order before matching them to the post it notes?


Next watch the following episode and explore how many ways you can make five using duplo or lego blocks, can you show your child how to represent this using a number sentence?  E.g. 5= 1+4 , 5=3+2…


We will also be learning the name of 2D, or flat shapes.  Enjoy listening to the song below and then go on a shape hunt to see how many shapes you can find hidden around your home. 

Can you cut out the shapes from the resources below and use them to create a 2d nocturnal animal?