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Snaith Primary School

W/B 16-11-20

Home Learning

Hi everyone, we hope you had fun learning about Viking Long Ships last week and managed to make your own model of one. This week, our focus is Viking way of life where we will be exploring jobs, food and hygiene. Please find your tasks below.

Don’t forget to keep up with your Doodle, Reading Plus and Rockstars.

Topic – Viking way of life

We want you to understand what it was like on a day to day basis if you were a Viking, what jobs there were, what they had for breakfast and lunch, did they have a wash or change of clothes. Use the grid below called “Viking way of life notes” and research these topics on the internet. (The more you put down, the better, as this will help you with your writing later on.

English – Guided Reading – diary entry

The genre that we are focusing on this week is a diary entry, so this guided reading will help you to understand what a diary entry is meant to be like. Take a note of the person, tense, language and style that it is written in. There are 2 diary entries to read and questions about one of them. There is also a RIC starter (retrieve, infer, choice).

The file below is called “guided reading diary entry”

English – Guided reading – hygiene

We have created a guided reading session on Viking hygiene to give you some information on how clean the Vikings really were. Please see the file below called “guided reading – hygiene”

English – Writing - Diary entry for a Viking child

It’s time to use all the information you have found out about Viking way of life and put it together in a diary entry pretending you are a child living in the Viking era. The planning sheet will help you structure your diary entry and give you prompts on things to write about. Then when you have made notes you can write up your diary entry trying to include the range of writing features in specific paragraphs.

“Diary entry planning sheet”

“Diary entry lines”

GPS – apostrophe for contraction

We can use an apostrophe for contraction when we join 2 words together to make one and remove some letters. For example do not becomes don’t, could not becomes couldn’t.

Have a go through the worksheet below called “GPS – apostrophe for contraction”

DT / science – baking Viking bread

Get your apron on! It’s time to do some baking. Please see the file below called “Viking bread recipe” to give you instructions on how to make some Viking bread. Why not take some photos of the different stages and make a picolage at the end.

While you are waiting for your bread to bake, there is a fact or opinion worksheet you can have a look at. “Viking fact or opinion”.