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Snaith Primary School

W/B 14/12/20

Guided Reading – Twas the night before Christmas

Please see the file below called “Twas the night before chrsitmas”.Have a read of the text on page 1 and then answer the questions on page 2.

Writing – letter

This week you are going to write a letter to your mum, dad, or grandparents or any other family member thanking them for everything that they have done for you this year and wish them a merry christmas.

Watch the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert and have a think about the message it is trying to get across:


Now have a look at the file below called “example letter” to give you some examples of things to write about.

In your letter try to expand and develop each reason you are thankful and try to use some writing features (connectives, brackets, modal verbs, adjectives, openers)

GPS – Past tense worksheet

Please see the file below called “GPS past tense” and convert the sentences into past tense.

Art – Christmas sketching

We are doing lots of fun Christmas art this week so why not have a go at home. The focus is on sketching, remember not to push down to hard with your pencil and then at the end you can go over in bold.

Try these searches on youtube and find a video that you like. Then follow the instructions to sketch a Christmas character.

“How to sketch a santa”

“How to draw Rudolph”

“How to draw a gingerbread house”

Art – Mondrian and Picasso

We are going to create a Christmas picture in the style of Mondrian and Picasso.

Have a look at the powerpoint below called “Mondrian and Picasso” to see some examples of art work by these 2 artists. This file will also give you examples of how to draw a Christmas picture in this style. Good luck.

Maths - Christmas coordinates

When working with co-ordinates it is important to remember the phrase “walk before you climb”. This means the first number you see is the one you walk along the bottom axis, the second number you see is the one that goes up the side.

For this Christmas co-ordinates lesson you will need to draw some axis and label them. Then mark on the coordinates and draw lines to create some Christmas shapes.

Please see the files below called “Christmas coordinates 1” and “Christmas coordinates 2”.

Maths - 12 days of Christmas problems

Please see the file below called “12 days of Christmas” for some maths related questions.