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Snaith Primary School

W/B 09-11-20

Hey guys

Please find your home learning tasks for this week below. Our focus this week is on Viking long ships and the genre is a non-chronological report.

Don’t forget to keep up with your Doodle, Reading Plus and Rockstars too.

Music Comprehension

Here we have combined music and guided reading. You will need to listen to the songs on youtube and then answer questions about them.

Please see the uploaded file called “music comprehension” below for instructions, links and questions.

As a challenge, why don’t you try to create your own song with lyrics and a tune?  You could record it on Class dojo and send it in.

English – Non Chronological Report on Viking Long boats

Please see the file below called “English non chron report” to give you full instructions about this piece of writing. You will also be using the 2 files called “Viking longboat to label” and “facts about longboats”.

Art / DT – Make a Viking Long boat

Have a look at the powerpoint called “pics of Viking longboat” to see some examples of what Viking long boats looked like.

Then choose between the 2 templates to have a go at decorating and making one yourself. “Longboat template 1” and “longboat template 2”.

If you want, you can try to make one from your own ideas without one of the templates.

Optional extra – you could create a background sea scene and use timelapse photos to make your longboat move. This feature is on the iphone camera or you can download an app called imotion. Remember to only slightly move your boat each time you take a picture and try to keep the camera is exactly the same position.

GPS - Suffix

A suffix is a group of letters that you can add onto the end of a root word to change the meaning. An example is ‘-ed’. The root word could be jump. So with the ‘-ed’ suffix the new word is jumped.

Please see the document below called “GPS – suffix” for your task to help you learn more suffixes.

Short Guided Reading – Remembrance

In school on Wednesday at 11am we are holding our 2 minute silence to pay tribute to the men and women who served and sacrificed to defend our nation.

Please see the file below called “guided reading – remembrance” for a short guided reading on this subject.

Art – Remembrance Art

Have a look at the powerpoint below called "Poppy Art".

Your task is to draw and colour in a poppy. The powerpoint will give you some ideas and suggestions.